Skin Matters

Since i was 14 i have always suffered problematic skin, when i hit 25 i thought surely this can not still be happening. Its was and always has been my biggest insecurity. Little did i know all the damage i was doing by using the wrong products, not understanding how important diet and lifestyle is to not only your overall health but your skin health. Once i started to make small changes like cutting back on the fatty foods and alcohol, walking daily and actually thinking about what I was putting in/on my body i started to not only feel better but look better too. I had always been a small build so exercising never crossed my mind but once i realised i wasn’t doing it for weight loss but for my health it became a love of mine and is to this day.

Once i began my beauty diploma and learned the ins and outs of skin health, different skin types, conditions and way to treat them i quickly became on top of my biggest problem and was happy and confident again. I was getting regular treatments, i had joined a gym and had a training schedule i loved and i was glowing. A year or so later i was the healthiest i had ever been and thats when i became pregnant with Aria. My pregnancy was a dream ( i will blog about this later) i truly loved it and so did my skin. Even the first two months postpartum i still had that glow, the skin i had always dreamed of and then BOOM , thank you hormones and complete lack of attention to myself and i was back looking in the mirror unhappy with my skin again. So here i am back on a skin journey and this time I’m going to share it. I have been trialling a few new brands, I’m on my fourth brand of mineral makeup and can’t wait to share my faves. I have been making time for me again, giving myself facials and treatments and just generally pampering myself again and it feels  great.

Excited to start sharing my fave DIY pamper ideas, fave brands and products, how essential oils can be a great addition to your beauty routine and how to fit some mama time in because you (we) deserve it.


xxx Love Jess








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