5 ways to a better day

Being a  mama is hard work and in the early days, weeks and months there are lots of highs but there are also lows. The sleep deprivation, self doubt and lack of motivation can set in and you can find yourself feeling lost. This is normal and part of the journey but sometimes being told by others and or reading about it isn’t enough. You need to take action yourself. Even 18months on there are still times that get the better of me but my aim every morning is to start of right. In a way that makes ME happy. This applies to not only us mama’s but to everyone.

 Here are my 5 ways to a better day 🙂

I find that if I do these 5 steps first thing in the morning (and we are early risers in this house) I kickstart my day right and then if the shit hits the fan later all is not lost!

  1. Hydrate – Start your day with a large glass of lemon water (warm) to get your digestive system moving. If lemon water doesn’t tickle your fancy just drink water on its own your body and skin will love you for it.
  2. Move – Get your body moving ! If your like me and don’t go to the gym anymore, put bub in the pram or carrier and go for walk even if its around the block but aim for at least 30 mins. Fresh air does wonders 🙂  Or workout from home (once you have been cleared from your GP) there are so many amazing fit mamas online with amazing home workout inspo. Choose workouts you enjoy until you get your mojo back, your much more likely to keep at it if you enjoy what you are doing.
  3. Fuel – If there is any meal you want to get right make it your breakfast. Start your day with a healthy meal or smoothie. There are so many delicious, easy and quick meals to whip up for breakfast and again there is so much amazing food inspo out there. Aria and I are smoothie addicts and usually opt for a good green one.
  4. Compliment – Give yourself a compliment. We are so quick to judge and compare ourselves to others so start your day with positive energy! Tell yourself what an amazing mama you are and that you can handle whatever comes your way today. I also like to have a look over a few motivation quotes too.
  5. Breathe – No matter whats on the cards for the day, wether you are a working mama, a stay at home mama or a work from home mama. Stop and breathe and give yourself 5, 10 or 20 minutes whatever you can manage, sit relax enjoy your cup of coffee/juice and have some me time even if it is short and sweet.

Have a beautiful day

with love


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