What a year

Its 8pm on NYE I’m at home on the couch in my PJ’s ( with a glass of champs of course) and there is no where i’d rather be. My little angel girl is fast asleep after a busy afternoon socialising.

On new years eve people either say it was there best year yet or there worst. To say it was my best year is an understatement. 2016 is my best year yet 🙂 I always knew i wanted children but i wasn’t someone who dreamt of it day in and day out. Little did i know the affect pregnancy and motherhood would have on me. My darling Aria has changed my outlook on life and really put in to perspective what i want for myself and for her. Motherhood is by far the most rewarding, challenging, crazy, love filled journey you will ever experience. Thank you 2016 the year my heart filled up and i started appreciating every little moment. The hard days were not hard they were lessons and have made me a stronger better version of me.

2017 Bring it on

As amazing as this year has been i can definitely look forward into 2017 with so much excitement. Time to get a bit of Jess back along with being a mama. Time to start using my knowledge of the beauty industry and share it. To start giving myself some more ME time and to be the best mama i can be to Aria.

Happy new years to everyone and there families


Sending lots of love and light for 2017



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