Beauty + Travel + Baby


As per my promise to myself for 2017 to start taking more care of myself again and focusing on my passions beauty, health and wellness (and of course my family) I am going to share my fave summer/travel beauty tips, products I’m loving right now and share my experiences with travelling with a baby.


Our holiday is less then two weeks away (insert happy dance here) and i can’t wait. Sunsets, sunshine and family time in Bali Yippee. Shaun and I are seasoned travellers we have gone on yearly trips together and also done some travelling on our own but this time is a little different as we will have our little mini travelling with us. Super excited for making family memories but there is also a bit of anxiousness as to being in a foreign country with our precious cargo. Will she adapt? How will the flight be? Will i be able to relax? What can and can’t we do? The list goes on……..

I like to think I’m pretty organised so I’m pretty sure I’ve covered everything in my research and know what i need to take for bubs and just to be prepared for all routine to go out the window. Part two of this blog will cover all our experience with travelling with a baby – the flight, food, sleep and all the rest so stay tuned.


Since becoming a mama my  beauty and skin routine went out the window and so did my self confidence, but over the past few months I’ve dedicated that little bit more time to looking after myself too and feel wonderful for it. My skin was looking worse for wear after months of sleep deprivation, lack of exercise and just having no basic skin care routine as most days i either forgot or didn’t care.

Last week i got my eyebrows done (hallelujah) bought myself some new products and even after only 5 days i am amazed at the results and how good i feel because if it. Living on the gold coast and loving the outdoors protecting your skin is crucial and just a few small daily habits can have you looking and feeling amazing.

MOVE YOUR BODY – I take Aria for a walk every morning its my kickstart for the day and i love it. Wether you walk, run, go to the gym, do yoga or just workout at home this is a must for overall wellbeing.

HYDRATE – Drink plenty of water!! A lemon water first thing in the morning is a great way to get your digestive system going. Your skin will thank you!

PROTECT – Invest in a moisturiser with SPF this is a must to protect your skin from sun damage. Even if your just wandering up the road for a coffee this way your covered.


  • SKIN02 Brow Powder – I use the darker shade for my brows and the lighter one as an eyeshadow or for shading. Perfect little duo.
  • ASAP Pure Mineral Makeup – If your like me and don’t like wearing foundation this a great mineral makeup. I use it daily as it also has SPF so ticks all the boxes.
  • Skinstitut Age Defence 50+ – Love tis product (and all there products I’ve tried) The smell, texture and the way my skin feels and had improved in just a few short days.
  • SKIN02 BB Foundation – For when I’m going out or want more coverage. Goes on great over my mineral makeup and has added skincare benefits.
  • Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk – Perfect everyday tan top up, i also use the self tanning foam on occasions. I find this helps your tan last longer and i love the smell and texture.
  • Essential Oils – Lemon for its uplifting and energising benefits and is also great added to your water bottle to aid digestion and naturally cleanse the body. Lavender for its calming and relaxing qualities and also for soothing the skin.


Stay tuned for PART TWO

Love and Light

Jess xxx


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