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So lately i have been thinking about what an amazing time it is to be a woman, how women are reaching out to each other and connecting. Offering each other support and encouragement and lifting each other up instead of comparing and competing.

Throughout my pregnancy i was amazed at all the love and kindness that came my way from family and friends and complete strangers.I reconnected with some old friends and also made new friendships, having a mini human growing inside you certainly reminds you of what and who is important to you.

Motherhood has certainly opened my eyes and heart and made me realise how amazing life really is. I have never really been career driven but i know my passions and dreams (big and small) and what makes me happy and Aria has inspired me to focus on them again and keep working towards them. Its amazing what an affect one tiny little person can have on you.

There are so many amazing  REAL female influencers out there at the moment depending on what you are drawn to you. Mama’s sharing there stories, the highs and the lows and reminding us all that its ok to have struggles and that we are all human.  There is definitely a lot of self doubt lurking in the early days of motherhood, those dark days wondering if your are doing things right, if you are a good mother or not and the answer is YES. You are an amazing mother no matter how you do things, wether your baby is breast or bottle fed, sleeps through, co sleeps, uses a dummy or doesn’t…..the list goes on. We sometimes need a little reminder wether its from a friend or someone else sharing there journey.

Yesterday i was looking back at all the birth photos all the RAW moments and a video of Arias first feed. I just lost it i can’t believe how raw the emotions still are, that we created a little mini human and that she grew inside my belly all those months and that i gave birth to her and she was so amazing. We did it, I did it ! My greatest achievement and purest love  is in our world forever.

So be inspired by your fellow woman, your REAL mama’s, FIT mama’s, WORKING mama’s, STAY AT HOME mama’s, GIRL BOSSES and most importantly be inspired by YOURSELF.

Look at your own journey and achievements and be proud of yourself. Know who you are and who you want to be and don’t be afraid of it. BE YOU!

You are beautiful, you are a woman and you are amazing 🙂

Shine 🙂

Love me



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