Beauty + Travel + Baby


I’m back !!! Our first overseas trip as a family was brilliant. I’m excited to share with you my experiences on travelling overseas with a bub. Definitely a huge change to what we are used to on holidays but we made it work and had such a great time.


Before i get into that i just wanted to start by letting you in on what i have planned for the blog. You may or may not know i studied Beauty Therapy and have a world of love and knowledge for all things skin,beauty, health and wellness. I am now a stay at home mama, blogger and health and wellness advocate and soon to be coach. I am going to be doing a monthly beauty feature called ‘BEAUTY BABES’ with some beautiful and inspiring mamas’s, it will be a Q & A on all things beauty, health and wellness. It will give us an insight into their fave products, treatments and other things they love etc. I don’t know about you but i love social media for finding new products and things i would have otherwise not known about.

‘Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out’

Stay tuned my first ‘BEAUTY BABE’ feature is coming soon.


As i mentioned in part one not only was i excited about this holiday but the nerves were kicking in too as i just didn’t know what to expect now we had Aria with us or how she would adapt to such a big change to her routine and the flight…. oh my goodness i was freaking out about that.

We had to catch a train from the gold coast to Brisbane airport right around Aria’s usual nap time and after a bit of a cuddle and rock she slept most of the way there. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 5.40 which i thought would be great as its close to her normal bed time so i had everything planned to fit in with the flight time. We ended up being 3 hours delayed booooo it seemed like a nightmare at the time but we just had to roll with it. Poor Ari was so tired but there was too much going on around her so she didn’t sleep until we got on the plane. The minute they turned the engines on the sound soothed her and she was honestly asleep within 10 mins. She stirred once or twice but was settled easily and slept until we landed and once we finally got to our villa went down for the night. PHHHEWWWWWW ! We survived our first flight. Our little traveller 🙂 Such a superstar!

The flight home was a bit trickier it wasn’t until 11.15pm so we couldn’t even head to the airport until 8pm. Aria had a late nap that day and on the cab ride to the airport was just about asleep until we had to get out and go through check in, customs, security and all that fun stuff which kept her wide eyed but very tired. Poor thing. We had a quick bite and after a bottle and a quick walk around with daddy she fell asleep. We boarded the plane without a peep from our girl and the long night continued. I find it impossible t sleep on a plane little own worrying about your little bebe hoping she won’t wake and be distressed. There was another little bubs infront of us who woke around 1 1/2 hours before landing and cried an cried and cried the poor thing, this woke Aria there was so going back from here. Mama and daddy had to entertain for the remainder of the flight which isn’t easy when bubs what’s not crawl and climb and is tired and then we had to go through customs, immigration and we were unlucky enough to get flagged to go through the quarantine dogs too. What a drag. Finally to the train …. the last leg of the long trip home , Shaun had the magic touch and settled Aria to sleep, she slept until we where almost at our stop and was ok until some people on the train where kind of getting in her face and unintentionally getting to close saying hello and i think it was all to much for her. She was hysterical as we were trying to get everything off the train there where people  still in her face saying its ok  and trying to comfort her but really you just want them t leave her alone…aaaaaahhhh bloody horrible! That was the only bad part of the trip even the rainy days weren’t bad.


We had a lovely villa booked for the first week while shaun’s mum was with us. A two bedroom villa with a lovely outdoor living area and private pool.

Unfortunately it rained fairly consistently our first 5 days away (sad face) this limited the poolside fun we had planned but we made do with shopping, cafes, massages and of course the cocktails. Shaun’s mum also came with us and she lives in cairns so was great to spend the time together as a family rain or not. We were also lucky enough to get a few baby free date nights in there too….winning!

We then spent our last 3 nights at a beachfront resort which had a restaurant, bar, pools and anything else you could want or need. We did love the facilities here but having a villa is waaaaayyyy better. While we were at the villa Aria could nap in the room and we could chill in the lounge, swim or one of us go get a massage and she would not  be disturbed and we could still have a bit of freedom. In the resort nap time meant one of us had to stay in the room while she slept so i would definitely recommend finding a villa with a pool and bar/ restaurant facilities available and have the best of both worlds.



As you would know the water isn’t safe to drink in Bali and i wanted to make sure miss Aria had everything she needed for clean bottles, food and snacks. I used MILTON sterilising tablets to clean and sterilise all her bottles etc and our villa had a huge water dispenser so always had safe drinking water on hand. I had plenty of RAFFERTYS GARDEN fruit and veg pouches for her meals and also some snacks. We did however feed Aria cooked veggies, rice, fruit and bread and let her snack on more things i normally wouldn’t giver her at home like hot chips but at least  we knew they were safe to eat. Im so happy with everything i took as it lasted until the last day. We had to buy on pack of nappies on the last day and they were about $3 so you can imagine the quality LOL but overall i had just enough of everything. We bought a $20 Big W pram to take with us which was a lifesaver so light and easy to fold and cart around, i took a rain protector which was also a godsend for the first 5 days as Aria was dry and happy being escorted around town like the little celebrity she is.


We took the iPad with The Wiggles and her fave Mutt & Stuff which was great early in the morning when we were getting ready for the day. We bought a portacot a while back which is so light and easy to set up and we had bubs set up in our room which i loved it was so nice to all be in the same room again. So many snuggles 🙂

Teething is not something you plan for your holiday but with a bub its probably on the cards. Our second night in Aria cut a new tooth and one of her bottom teeth pushed through further. Poor darling woke early screaming and very upset but we did what we had to do and made everything ok and she just got on with the day like a little trooper.

Bali definitely agreed with Aria she was much loved by all the locals and other holiday makers. People wanted to take photos of her and she just smiled and waved it was flipping adorable. I am one proud mama!!!


This holiday turned out to be more then i expected if you follow me on instagram you would already know it was one I will never forget. Our first day of sunshine, a trip to Padang Padang beach and lunch at Single Fin in Uluwatu turned into the day Shaun asked me to marry him. I had absolutely know idea it was coming or even on the cards but was over the moon with happiness. We have been together approaching 5 years and have had our ups and downs but our lives began when we found out Aria was coming and we have never looked back. Im so excited for our future and to plan our wedding and everything in between. Best moment! Best day! So grateful!



There are so many awesome cafes, restaurants and bars in Bali. Here is a lit of some of my favourite spots.

  • Motel Mexicola, Seminyak – love the decor and the tacos are amazing!
  • Sisterfields, Seminyak – delicious breaky
  • Shelter Cafe, Seminyak – best coffee i had in bali and lovely healthy menu
  • Nirvana restaurant, Seminyak – nice dinner and they had fire dancers
  • Potatohead, Seminyak – we love this place we didn’t get to go this time but have been many times love it!
  • Single Fin Restaurant, Uluwatu – best view for lunch and a cocktail and where shaun proposed. IMG_5106.PNG

So to summarise my thoughts and feelings on travelling with a baby….DO IT!!!! Babies are so adaptable, just like at home you might have a tough day but you just have to get on with it and  your not on own you partner isn’t at work they there with you to help where needed and when it comes to bubs they are happiest around mama and daddy anyway so you will be surprised at how we’ll they travel too. It won’t be the same kind of holiday you were used to before bubs, there are restrictions on when and what you can do but you really can just make it work and have a good time doing it. If your going somewhere like Bali just take everything (without going to overboard) that will give you peace of mind that bubs will be ok and have a great time!!

Making memories is what life is all about

Enjoy the moments

xxx Jess


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