Beauty Babes

img_5697In my last post i talked about my new  beauty feature called ‘Beauty Babes’ a beauty and lifestyle Q&A i will be doing monthly with some super inspirational and beautiful mama’s.   I am extremely honoured to have the beautiful Alice from @aliceinhealthyland as our first beauty babe. If your not already following Alice (you should be) you would know she is a shining light and a down to earth mama of one (soon to be two). Alice’s positive outlook on life and motherhood is so refreshing and she is always coming up with healthy food ideas for you and your little ones. Alice is also an active and motivated mama who shares her passion for health, fitness and overall wellbeing. She is the ultimate beauty babe inside and out and now we have a sneak peak into her top beauty and lifestyle picks.


Q1 – Lets talk skincare. What products are you using and loving?

I am a huge huge fan of O Cosmetics for my morning/nightly facial Skin Care routine. I have been using them for nearly 2.5years. I love their Mineral Pro SPF 30+ Sheer Tint. I use it every day. take it on holiday too.

I love using essential organic oils too. I also just use coconut oil a lot on my skin and baby bump too.

Q2 – Whats in your makeup bag? Your top 3 must have products?

A great long lasting lip colour – currently obsessed with Kylie Jenner – Exposed! It seriously last so long on my lips.

I love a great primer – I have been using Auto Pilot by Napoleon for years.

Bronzer – Baked Mineral Bronzer by INIKA organic. Love love this!!

Q3 – What is your favourite beauty treatment?

Argh I have two.. can I please have two?

I love love eboniivory charcoal organic teeth whitener home kit. It’s seriously amazing, a little messy but works a treat! Highly recommend!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting my lashes done. I go to my gorgeous friend Emma, she has 7 years experience with brows and lashes! She is amazing! Plus you can get away without make up! @emjskinandbeauty ASK FOR EMMA IS IS UNREAL!

Q4 -What are your favourite lifestyle activities?

I love love walking outside. I try and do this every single day! It’s good for the soul! I love taking my pup and putting Cruz in the pram and hitting the pavement.

I love working out at HIIT AUSTRALIA a few times a week. It’s the best therapy.

Love anything to do with the beach too. The beach is so good to reset your mind and just let go of anything that’s happening in your crazy lifestyle!

Q5 – Who inspires you?

Firstly my husband! He is my rock. He supports me in everything I do, he boosts my confidence and lights my creativity fire!

I love being inspired my friends I choose to hang out with. Always surround yourself with people who lift you higher!

Also if I had to pick someone with social status I would choose Melissa Ambrosini. I am digging her podcasts at the moment. She has a real mixture of brilliant #selflove influencers that she interviews! She inspires me to never stop learning EVER!

Q6 – Describe your ultimate beautiful day?

Wake up give my boys (hubby and cruz) a big kiss.

Practice some light yoga.

Go for a walk by the beach or the bay.

Eat a delicious breakfast of organic eggs with greens and sourdough.

Go to the beach for the day.

Maybe a massage or sleep.


A nice sit down meal with my family.


‘BEAUTY IS A COMBINATION OF QUALITIES’ and this mama certainly has it all going for her!

Check her out for some healthy mama, fitness, beauty, style and life inspo

Jess xx




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