Beauty – What does it mean?

Beauty is not just about how you look its about who you are, how you treat yourself and how you think. All the rest is just a bonus!

If you look up the meaning of beauty it starts by stating ‘ a combination of qualities’ and then goes on but i think this is perfect and where it should stop. BEAUTY IS A COMBINATION OF QUALITIES.

The beauty standards in todays world are unrealistic, the benchmark is high and society is filled with photoshopped faces and bodies leaving girls and women feeling pressured to look a certain way. Its easy to get caught up on social media, reality tv or in magazines wanting to look a certain way or live a certain lifestyle. But what is real? In most cases there is a story behind the facade and only the highlights are on show.

‘Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own’

So why do we beat ourselves up? I think sometimes we forget that behind the lights, cameras, makeup and all the rest of that jazz is a person just like you. Who wakes up with messy hair and tired eyes too. We are definitely our own worst critics and I myself am guilty of this from time to time. Particuarly in the early days of motherhood. When you see yourself differently and don’t have as much time for yourself. The body changes, sleep deprivation and the the way you THINK you look can have you battling with yourself for no reason. Give yourself a break i say. I wish i could have told myself that then LOL.

Instead what you need to do is find what it is that makes YOU feel beautiful, starting with your thoughts, point out the positives instead of the negatives. Its amazing what a change of mindset can do for you. You are not the same as anyone else (which is pretty awesome) so stop comparing. Beauty is also in the way you treat others and yourself. So wether its wearing a new outfit, getting your hair done, a yoga class or some mama pamper time do whatever it is that makes you feel good and makes you feel beautiful. Say yes to looking after yourself too. If there are things about you that you want to work on then do it, but only do it for you and not for anyone else.


Having a daughter certainly makes you re evaluate your thoughts. Aria has definitely brought out the best me. She has taught me so much in such a short amount of time. I value myself more, believe in myself and love who i am as a person, mother and partner. Which in turn makes me a better person, mother and partner. I can remember questioning myself and wether or not was pretty enough to even be a beauty therapist. Would people take advice from me? I now realise how silly that kind of thinking is. Your appearance has nothing to do with the knowledge you have to offer. I tell Aria daily she is smart, beautiful and loved and i now tell myself that too and it has given me more confidence and appreciation for myself and my abilities. Bringing me back out of my shell and striving to be the best role model I can.

If we normailise beauty standards for ourselves then we can teach our daughters the same. Love it !

So basically this rant is just a reminder (to myself too) thats your beauty shines from within and you should only be trying to be the best version of yourself. Beauty is more then just a pretty face, its a feeling and its an attitude.

Love yourself

Love me xx





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