beautifully YOU

So as i touched on in my last post beauty is more then just about your appearance its who you are as a whole. Its about all the little things you do to make yourself feel good on the inside and out, how you talk to others, how you talk to yourself and about embracing who you are and focusing on all the positives in your life and not the negatives. When you start taking care of  yourself as a whole you start to see yourself in a different light.

Recently i decided to step out of my comfort zone, follow my passions and just go for it. What do i have to lose?  It has opened the door to new friendships, new opportunities, new ideas, inspiration and most importantly a new sense of self worth. Something i had been lacking. Yay!

Today is day 3 of a 30 day self care challenge i am doing. Its online and something i was instantly drawn to after being invited by a friend. I am already a lover and user of essential oils but this challenge ( if you call it that ) delves deeper into there uses and health and beauty benefits. It also touches on meditation, yoga, journaling and self acceptance. YAY! I look forward to sharing my experiences when its over.

One of my beautiful mama friends @mel.and.hazel tagged me in a 20 facts about me post on Instagram so i thought id do it and let you in on some facts you may or may not know about me:

Things that make Me….. ME 🙂

  1. I am 30 years old
  2. I wear contacts every day ( blind as a bat)
  3. I was not a baby person until i fell pregnant and now i know what the obsession is all about.
  4. Shaun and I have been together for approaching 5 years
  5. When we are on holidays we drink Margarita’s
  6. Aria was 11 days overdue
  7. I had an epidural during my labour with Aria and she entered the world 20mins later
  8. I LOVE cats and particularly my cat SIMBA
  9. I have always suffered with problematic skin even at age 30 i still don’t have a complete hold of it. This is why i did my Diploma in Beauty Therapy
  10. I don’t have any tattoo’s (chicken)
  11. I lost a lot of confidence within myself in the early days of motherhood
  12. I have got it back 🙂
  13. #mumlife is the best thing thats happened to me
  14. I hate birds! They terrify me! Even when they are is a cage. Just NO!
  15. Im proud of myself. Being a parent isn’t always easy but you get through the tough days with the support of your loved ones.
  16. Im getting married next year! EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK excited and nervous and can’t bloody wait.
  17. I take waaaaaaayyyyyy to many photos of Aria
  18. I love for my morning walks with Aria along the beach i find it calm and relaxes me and sets me up for whatever the day brings.
  19. Shaun, Aria and i all have the same middle name LEIGH
  20. I have made some amazing connections and friendships via my blog and social media

‘ To be beautiful is to be yourself. You don’t need to be excepted by others. You just need to except yourself ‘

If your having a raging Friday night in like me do something nice for yourself.  I will be having my usual face mask and glass of wine and putting my feet up. (Once bub is asleep )

I have some exciting things coming for the blog and my new work at home mum life and look forward to sharing 🙂

I have also entered miss Aria into the bondsbabysearch so give her a little vote she’s a little superstar

Be you, you are amazing xx



Check out Mel and Hazel on Insta too for more babyspam and overall awesome #mumlife



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