‘Skin Mistakes’

SKIN….. A much loved topic of mine, something i’m fascinated in and something i have struggled with over the years.

If only i knew then what i know now…. I’m talking way back. The years i spent trying to ‘fix’ my skin when i was in my early teens – early twenties, but in actual fact i was doing more harm then good and was clueless when it came to skincare and beauty and to be honest so was my mum. I had no idea about the MANY factors that come into your overall health and your skins health.

So i thought id share some of the top SKINCARE MISTAKES people (maybe you) are making. I know i have definitely been guilty of most of these and still on occasion have to remind myself of a few of them:

  1. NOT USING SUN PROTECTION– The years i spent baking and out and about in the sun clueless to the damage i was doing, I now wear the evidence of this with me everyday. Don’t get me wrong i still love the sunshine (i live on the gold coast) but i wear a daily 50+ moisturiser in my face and use sunscreen (most of the time) when out on my walks, definitely at the beach and now that we have Aria we are always camped under the trees of shade anyway. Don’t worry its not to late you can protecting and preventing any more damage. Fake it baby!
  2. WATER WATER WATER – Well this is a no brainer. Water is your skin and body’s best friend and you should do whatever you have to do to remind yourself to drink more of it. Have you ever noticed finding yourself feeling a little blah and then you remember you haven’t had much water that day and once you do you feel good again. I know i do. Your skin feels the same. Thats why i like having a large bottle handy so when i see it its a reminder. I need to get one of the big bottle co bottles in my life. I got shaun one and not myself haha typical mama move.
  3. ROUTINE – Not having a basic daily skincare routine. This is something you definitely need. Even if your super busy or just can’t be bothered. Make it simple, put your products in the shower as a reminder. For me its a ritual morning and night i looovvvvveeee that clean fresh feeling and all the steps. It doesn’t take long and its something i actually look forward to daily. I like to throw in a weekly mask too. I would love to be able to have regular facials in salon like I used to but it’s just not possible (for me) at the moment.
  4. SKIN TYPES – Grabbing any old product off the shelf or online just because the ad says its the best is not the answer.The products that work for me won’t necessarily work for you because chances are we don’t have the same skin type. This is why if your unsure going in for a consult and treatment with a beauty therapist is good idea that way they can tell you what kind skin type you are and what type of products you need and should be using.
  5. MAKEUP – Did you know that knowing your skin type is important for when choosing the right foundation for you? These days they have designed the perfect foundation for everyone so its just a matter of getting the right colour it’s getting the right type for your skin as well. For example for me i like to stick to mineral powder foundations, i get congested when i wear oil based liquid foundations and often breakout and look shiny early in the day. Not a good look !
  6. DIET – yes this is something you definitely should know but a healthy reminder never hurt anyone.  Indulging in Alcohol, caffeine,sugars, processed foods and dairy have all been linked to causing breakouts and having an adverse effect on your skin. So just as a healthy balanced diet helps you with your overall health it helps with your skins health too.
  7. CLEANING your hands, brushes or blending sponge or whatever it is you use properly and regularly before touching your face and applying products or makeup is very important too and trying not to touch your face to much throughout the day can help reduce how much dirt and bacteria ends up on your skin.
  8. SHOWERS – taking showers that are too hot can strip your skin of moisture and healthy oils. Try not to turn the heat up too much even though its tempting.I am guilty!!
  9. OVERUSE –  the overuse of anything isnt a good thing. Same goes for your products and particularly exfoliants. You don’t want to compromise your skins natural protective barrier function. Your skin needs time to breath and do its own thing as well as being cared for by you.
  10. SLEEP – ahhhh my favourite thing in the world. Something you loose a lot of as a mother but the more you can get the better. A well rested body (skin) decreases free radial generation. You definetly look your best when your well rested. New mama’s I have two words for you eye cream and concealer 🙂

You may already know all these points and but I think a little refresh and reminder couldn’t hurt anybody. Is my skin perfect ? NO WAY and it definitely took a few steps backwards once bub was born but i can do my best look after it and be mindful not to make ‘skin mistakes’ and put my best face forward. Knowledge is a wonderful thing not only can I use it for my own benefit but I can share it and teach my daughter all the things I wish I’d known when I was younger and get her into healthy skin and healthy body habits from the right age.


  • Don’t forget your face includes your neck and chest ladies! These areas will also show signs of ageing so make sure you cleanse, moisturise and protect these areas from the sun too.
  • You can use your eye cream around the delicate skin around your lips and mouth.
  • Be gentle when applying products. Especially around the eye area.
  • Add a 1-2 drops of lavender or geranium oil to your moisturiser or serum as a weekly treat to your skin. They have amazing natural benefits for the your emotions, skin and overall health.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are beautiful !

Products I’m loving :

Skinstitut – love this skincare range I know I’ve mentioned before but I just love it !! So many great products my faves are the glycolic scrub and the even blend serum.


Ground Up Skin Co – their masks and coconut body scrub are lovely. They are a local (Gold Coast ) company, handmade and natural. No nasties. Love this!


Love the skin you are in 🙂

Jess xxx




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