Beauty Babes

Beauty is strength … Beauty is courage…Beauty is a light in the heart … Beauty is being yourself and owning your struggles and always striving for more.

I am feeling extremely blessed to be featuring the beautiful and inspirational Brittany Noonan ( @bybrittanynoonan ) for this months beauty and lifestyle Q&A not only is she an ultimate ‘beauty babe” she has without knowing it helped me in so many ways. Thank you !

If you don’t follow Britt ( which i know you do ) you would know her for her style (take me shopping lol ), beauty, postpartum workouts, sharing her #mumlife, the ups and downs of parenthood and most importantly for starting conversations!!! Opening up about her struggles and getting people talking about important issues like PND, ANXIETY, EATING DISORDERS all topics that need awareness and a voice. Sharing the good with the bad and reminding us mamas its ok to be feeling down or like you struggling. Life isn’t always perfect and thats ok ….talk about it!! There is a light, your not alone and most importantly YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOTHER even on you hard days.

Brittany is also the Gold Coast ambassador for the amazing Babes + Picnics which was the first thing that got me out there again ( out of the baby bubble at home ) meeting mamas (some amazing new friends) , meeting Britt & finding my confidence again. I also attended the Mummas Tribe ( @mummas_tribe ) event on the gold coast which Brittany also hosted, an amazing networking event for business owners, bloggers and brand reps. This was actually ‘the day” everything changed for me, i left with some great advice, new friendships and a new sense of self belief and i haven’t looked back. Amazing 🙂 


So lets get to the Q & A …….. a little insight into Brittany”s fave products and lifestyle choices. 

Q1. Whats in your makeup bag? Your top 3  must have products?

Mineral foundation – MAC Mineralise skin finish, Bronzer – Napoleon Perdis Mosaic bronzing powder. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz Pen – seriously couldn’t live without it!

 Q2. Skincare products you can’t live without?

A good cleanser which also removes makeup, day time face cream and night serum! I like to keep it simple. I also like to use and exfoliator and face mask at least once a week.



Q3. What makes you feel beautiful?

Having time to wash my hair and do my makeup haha #mumlife no but honestly i have never felt as beautiful as i have since becoming a mother – it has given me a confidence i have never known until now.

 Q4. What lifestyle activities are you loving right now?

 Always a gym lover – love strength and circuit training, yoga lover and now that we have moved by the beach going for beach walks and taking Millie to play on the beach.



Q5. What is your favourite beauty treatment?

 Favourite beauty treatments are having my brows sculpted – I find it super relaxing (weird I know) and also love a good relaxing facial and massage.


Q6. Who inspires you?

 My inspiration comes from everyday women that I see overcoming personal and mental issues to become the best version of themselves. 

Since starting my blogging journey I have met some incredible women who inspire me every day – women who smash their goals whilst juggling a family, to me that’s inspirational – Lauren Patterson (@laurenkate___) , Olivia White ( @houseofwhite_), Emily Tomini (@emily.and.alina) are a few of the most inspiring women I know and I am lucky enough to now call them my friends.

 Outside of that – I find Kayla Itsines very inspiring – the empire she has built is something to be admired and she seems to stay very level headed.

Q7. Describe your ultimate beautiful day?

 My most beautiful day would be gym in the morning followed by a massage and facial then having cocktails by a pool while I play with Millie and spend time with my husband. So really my ultimate day is a day at a resort with an amazing day spa! 


Follow Brittany & Millie’s journey

If your a mama on the gold coast or anywhere around the country check out Babes + Picnics for your monthly mama meet ups that give back to charity. Highly recommend !

Bloggers, small business owners and brand reps can check out @mummas_tribe for event information.





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