Beauty Babes Q&A

This  months beauty and lifestyle Q&A is with gorgeous mama Emily Tomini. Emily has been blogging for many years, sharing her journey through motherhood, breastfeeding, all the ups and downs and everything in between. I love her honesty about her personal struggles in the past and how it has led her down a beautiful road to happiness. Emily also has an incredible eye for taking photos ( something i can’t seem to get the hang of ) and a beautiful mini model in her little bebe Alina.  Co founder of  I AM MAMA MAGAZINE  an interactive E magazine all things MAMA. Offering support, guidance and helpful articles for all things mama and bub it is set to do great things. Effortless beauty and style and a positive, kind and caring personality which you can pick up through her writing makes her an ultimate ‘beauty babe’ inside and out.
Here is a little insight into Emily’s beauty and lifestyle favourites 🙂
Q1. Lets talk makeup. What products are you loving at the moment?
I have just come across Esmi Mineral Makeup and I feel like I’ve found the holy grail of foundation. It’s a mineral foundation with amazing coverage (and it lasts all day) but it also lets my skin breath. Also the australis lip glosses are amazing!!
Q2. What are your favourite skincare products? And what product couldn’t you live without?
My fave products at the moment (because I chop and change all the time) are Natio for my cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine.
Q3. Who inspires you?
So many of my girlfriends, my mother, mother in law and my hubby! I surround myself with people who inspire me because I feel that keeps you motivated and able to truly enjoy your life. Alina obviously, she is my greatest inspiration of all! I feel so compelled to do her proud.
Q4. What are your 3 favourite qualities you see in Alina?
Her kindness, my gosh my girl is so sweet and thoughtful towards others. She is so loving and affectionate it’s amazing to see that in someone so little! Her boldness, she doesn’t have any self doubt or self consciousness being so young and it’s gorgeous to watch her little personality shine through baring all that she is! Her temperament, she has such a beautiful nature. She is honestly such a happy little girl and I am so lucky to have such a easy and fun loving little child!
Q5. Life gets busy but when you can wind down and relax what are your favourite ways to pamper yourself?
I love to have a shower or bath by candle light, turn some music on and just enjoy the peace and quiet! I’m a lover of a good facemark and nail polish! On the days I have all of my sh*t together I go full pamper mode and do a facial, mani and pedi, tan and shave my legs haha that always makes me feel like a new woman and super relaxed!
Q6. What are your favourite lifestyle & leisure activities?
I LOVE to be outdoors, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing. If I’m out and about with my family and a coffee in hand, I’m happy! We live so close to the coast in Perth so I love to get out and enjoy the ocean whether it be a coastal walk, a dip or lunch at our fave cafe! I also love a lunch out with the girls baby free to recharge or a date night with the hubby (both occurrences are rare but so necessary to make time for).
Q7. What makes you feel beautiful?
My man, a good outfit, feeling happy on the inside!
Q8. Describe your ultimate beautiful day?
Waking up to a hot coffee, having a good hair and makeup day, putting on a fave outfit and getting out and about with my fave people (my man and our babe)! Finishing it all off with an early bedtime for little miss and a movie and chocolate in bed with the hubs! that to me is a BEAUTIFUL DAY!
If your not already following Emily and Alina’s journey be sure to check out there lovely instagram page and if you love to read blogs like i do the link for Emily’s blog is in her bio and always a lovely read. Also be sure to check out I AM MAMA MAGAZINE on Instagram.

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