‘Loved by Me’

Over the past few months i have been lucky enough to try out some amazing new (to me) products and have some old faithfuls i swear by. As you may know by now I’m a lover of all things SKIN and beauty and keeping it simple when it comes to makeup and skincare. So i have put together the first of my new monthly feature ‘ Loved by Me’. Each month i will be sharing my fave beauty & lifestyle products along with a few tips from yours truly.


Us mama’s are generally pretty time poor when it comes to taking care of ourselves so finding products that are effective and is essential. I love using natural and cruelty free products or products that don’t have any hidden nasties. Unfortunately even some of the ‘big’ brands still have rubbish hidden on their ingredient lists.

So often we are so mindful of what we put in our bodies and whats on the labels of the food we buy but don’t take a second thought to whats on the labels of the products we use on our skin and bodies daily.  Our skin absorbs a large percentage of what we put on it so it definitely something we should all be mindful of. In saying this i am not 100% against using products that aren’t completely natural but i am definitely one who likes to know whats in them and that none of the dirty dozen or other toxic ingredients are hiding. Any steps to reduce your toxic exposure are steps well taken i say !


So here is this months Favourites and why 🙂

MIDDLETON HAIR SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER – You may or may not know i have recently started working behind the scenes admin and PA for the mega inspiring and talented Sam @middleton_hair. I have been using these products for three years now and haven’t looked back. These products are vegan, organic, cruelty free and Australian made. They are beautifully formulated and can be infused with an aromatherapy custom blend for added luxury. A few weeks after Aria was born Sam blended me a custom shampoo and conditioner that was grounding, enhancing the female spirit, self belief and settling to feelings of being overwhelmed. Perfection !!! It meant when i did have the time to wash my hair it was heaven.



INIKA PRIMER – I am a lover of a good primer and i really like this one. It has added Hyaluronic Acid for increased skin elasticity and hydration. I like the texture and the way it preps my skin for a smooth finish. Certified organic, vegan, cruelty free it ticks all the boxes for me and i can’t wait to try some of their other products.


SKINSTITUT SKINCARE – without a doubt my favourite skincare brand. Love the results, prices, textures and smells of these products. Im using the Glycolic Cleanser for its decongesting and antibacterial properties i find it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh and has helped me with my breakouts.  The Even Blend Serum is amazing it does everything the labelling says. Its refined and brightened my skin and helped manage my pigmentation which was worsened through my pregnancy. I won’t be letting go of this one any time soon i love it. Finally the Eye Believe Eye Cream I am a big big fan of eye creams, for me i find when i am not caring for this area i really look and feel my age haha the sleep deprivation and overall tiredness of #mumlife takes its toll and for me this product has helped me not dread looking in the mirror (haha most days). I love the tightening feeling its leaves and helps with the puffiness. Skinstitut does not test on animals or use animal derived products.


BE COYOTE MINERAL FOUNDATION – as I’ve posted before i only use mineral foundation as it suits my skin type and i like the lightweight look and feel. This is the holy grail of mineral foundations (for me anyway) and believe me i have tried many many brands. Im sure you would have seen it all over Instagram already but i had to include as i really love it. Its buildable, lightweight, hypoallergenic and free of oil, talc, parabens and all other nasties. Completely vegan, cruelty free and Australian owned its another product that ticks all the boxes and is all round amazing.


MIDDLETON HAIR MIST SPRAY – my daily essential and obsession. Its a meditation mist ( i don’t meditate haha another thing on my to do list) / mood mist. Its once again custom blended and a therapeutic essential oil mist spray for self love, grounding and balance. I love s refreshing spritz over my face through the day. I do not wear perfumes except on the odd occasion when i go on a night out ( which is never ) so this gives me a refresh, a mood boost and a hint of fragrance. LOVE IT!!!

The website is currently under construction getting all these products online but you can contact via Instagram or phone for orders and enquiries. All hair products are still available on the site now.




EBONI IVORY COCONUT OIL PULLING TREATMENT – you may notice in my Instagram i rarely smile. Not because I’m not happy but because i hate my teeth haha but seriously. I have been using the activated charcoal teeth whitener and the coconut oil pulling treatment in ‘sweet caramel chai’ (yum) every other day and have seen instant results. As a lover of coffee and red wine which are both not friends with a pearly white smile these products have given me back my smile confidence (still hate my teeth though) and i am making an effort to use these daily because they work!! 100% natural, vegan and aussie!! Another must have in the product department! Love them. I don’t mind the little bit of mess either. Great products.



COCOLUX COCONUT WAX CANDLE – i was lucky enough to win a set of these beauties a month or so ago and not only are they pretty they smell AMAZING they are earth friendly natural clean burning coconut wax candles that are Australian made. Winning. Every beauty needs a nice candle for when she has some well deserved pamper time.


Winter is coming….. HA HA I’ve always wanted to say that! Here are My top 3 tips for winter skin and beauty

  1. HYDRATE – We tend to drink less water in the cooler months opting for hot tea’s, coffee and chocolates. All though these are lovely in the cold weather don’t forget to keep up with your water intake. Invest in a pretty big bottle to have lying around as a reminder. Your skin will love you for it. Add lemon or lime for a refreshing beneficial twist.
  2. DIY LIP SCRUB – keep your lips looking lush and scrub away dead skin with a simple and tasty ( do not eat though ) lip scrub. Raw sugar – coconut oil and a couple of drops of essential oil ( i use cinnamon or peppermint. I love the smell of cinnamon and it has antibacterial properties. It also leaves a nice tingling feeling and a fresh feeling. Love it. Always consult your doctor before using essential oils if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  3. WATCH THE HEAT – although those cold mornings make scolding yourself in the shower tempting try and avoid it especially on your face. The hot water strips your skin of its natural oils and this along with the dry cols air of winter is a recipe for scaly, dry and irritated skin.

unspecified-1ENJOY BEAUTIES



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