My birth story 

The day our lives truely began 🙂

I am a sucker for a good birth story and find reading other mamas stories takes me right back to my own every time. The emotion never goes away and looking at the pics and videos from our special day gets me everytime. So I thought I’d share mine as it’s was the craziest, happiest, most amazing day of my life. 

(Guaranteed I’ll be sobbing while writing this)

I loved being pregnant it was a beautiful experience for me. I didn’t suffer from any of the common pregnancy symptoms, yes I always tired, always hungry and often uncomfortable but I expected that so it didn’t bother me much. I was and still am a rookie in the world of parenting, babies in children so I found everything very exciting and was amazed at the whole process. We found out at our 20week scan that we were expecting a girl and early on after that we knew who she was …..she was Aria. We signed up to have a student midwife with us on our journey which was one of the best decisions I have made. Faye quickly became a huge comfort to me and on the big day was a great comfort to me.

Aria’s due date was March 12th 2016 so in my mind that was the day I was going to meet her (haha). I knew that most babies don’t come on their due date but in my mind that was the day. Little did I know miss A would keep us waiting another 10 looonnng days. Shauns mum had come down for the birth and in those 10days we tried all the tricks in the book to make baby come haha and I mean ALL. It was a way to pass the time I guess I was definitely getting  impatient the waiting and wondering what every movement was became mentally draining.

I was booked in to be induced on Tuesday the 22nd and on the Monday had mentally prepared myself for our new due date. Shauns mum had headed back to Cairns which was disappointing for us all but we as we all know babies are very unpredictable. We went to bed at 8pm and at 8.30 it all started. I didn’t get excited yet because I wasn’t sure if this was it or not. I told Shaun to stay in bed and get some sleep and I’d come get him when I needed him. For someone who thought they had a fairly high pain threshold …. ah yeh no… I was shocked at how intense it was. 

Between 8.30 and about midnight I was in and out of the toilet, standing, sitting, bouncing on my gym ball, rocking, pacing and I’d had about 20 showers haha not even kidding , I woke shaun up for some support and I thought it was time to call the hospital. I was told to keep monitoring and call back in about 3 hrs… (that felt like 10) At this stage I was exhausted and wanted to rest (yeh right) and I had started bleeding so naturally started worrying. I called the hospital again and still got told to stay home. 

It was 6am and I hadn’t slept (obviously) and the bleeding had become very heavy and we finally got the clear to head into the hospital…… eeeek so exciting and terrifying at the same time. It was actually happening…. I was going to have a baby. I was 5 cm dialated and admitted to our room. I had Shaun by my side and knew that Faye (my student midwife) would be there so was as ready as you can be I guess. Or was I ? 

The next 7 hours were an intense whirlwind. I started off ok I was coping, extremely tired but coping. Shaun was amazing he did anything and everything for me, putting the shower head on my back, keeping me hydrated and taking selfies and making me laugh through the pain. I had gone in there with an open mind when it came to pain relief and just thought I’d take it as it comes. I chose to use the gas and air to help manage the pain which helped a little but it made me feel nauseous . I had been sick several times and the midwives where giving me liquids to keep me hydrated but it just wasn’t going down well and by lunch time ( 16 hours after it all started at home) I had no energy I got a check up and in the 6 hours since being admitted I was still at 5cm waaaaaaaaaa this hard to hear and to be honest I was quite distraught at the thought of another 6hours like that with no progress . I made the decision to have an Epidural I probably demanded it at that point. The midwives said I could then rest and let my labour progress and it could be another 4 hours at least until we meet bub. We thought we had some time to pass so Sarah (Shauns sister) came for a visit…. little did she know she would be here for the whole thing. In the time between making the decision to have the epidural and actually getting it there was a lot of commotion lots of talk between the midwives and to Aria wasn’t happy and was becoming distressed . They were definitely keen to get baby out asap. This is where things went a bit hazy but here is a few things I remember in the crazy time before getting the epidural 

* I was exhausted 

* As each contraction was ending I was already dreading the next one

* The lower back pain was insane and I actually felt like it was lifting me off the bed

* I was worrying about sh%#ing myself in front of shaun, his sister and the midwives

* I told myself I would never do this again haha

Once I had the epidural I felt my whole body take a deep breath or so to speak. I think just knowing that there would be some kind of pain relief helped my mindset get back on track and things started to progress quickly. So much for the rest they promised me, miss Aria decided it was time and I  remember wanting to get up and go to the toilet but I was all hooked up so couldn’t. That pressure was Aria making her move. When I heard those words that she was coming that it was going to be time to push. I got a second wind and I was ready to go. You can’t really explain the energy that’s in the room at this stage of the labour everyone is emotional and excited and encouraging you and your inside your own head giving yourself a pep talk ….your almost there…. it’s amazing. 

At 1.50pm around 40mins after the epidural Aria was born without so much as a peep. She was silent and wondering what the hell had just happened to her. They put her on my chest and I remember Shauns face….we just looked at each other and then at her and she just blinked at us. What an incredible moment and feeling. We finally had our girl earthside and could see her and touch her. She was (is) perfection. We were in our love bubble and it almost felt like a dream. One minute I was wondering wether I could get this baby out and the next she was in my arms. I quickly forgot about the rest of my body and what it had gone through and was in a complete state of happiness (and shock).

I finally had my baby in my arms and was so proud of myself, Shaun and Aria. We did it….. I just had a baby wtf. Holy moly the female body is incredible we are so strong. 

The next stages were quite uncomfortable, although I did have an epidural because things moved along so fast after it I don’t think it was in full effect. I wasn’t numb and there was still pain but compared to the pain earlier it was bareable. I had second degree tears so whilst one of the midwives was showing me how to breastfeed I was being stitched up (this was a horrible feeling) probably the worst part actually. 

It’s funny how all this information is being thrown at you but you just don’t hear anything  everything else is on mute your just staring and in awe of this tiny human. We were ecstatic and so so happy. We were put in our room and Shaun was able to stay the first night which was great.  I couldn’t sleep for 2 days although I was constantly told I needed to. I just didn’t want to take my eyes off her and the noise in the hospital makes it hard. I was delirious! 

Taking Aria home was another extremely proud day for us. We were hanging to get back to the comfort of our own home. Life has never been the same. It’s been better then ever. Miss Aria changed it all and I’m grateful every single day. She changed us in all the right ways and has taught me (us) so much.

I probably should have gotten Sarah to help write this haha but there it is the beginning of our true happiness and greatest achievement.

I wouldn’t change a thing and stand by all my choices on the day I would have done anything to make sure Aria arrived safely and to help with the pain. Although in hindsight I probably would have had a nap on the Monday afternoon 😉 I will 100% do it all again and I look forward to having another bub (sooner then later hopefully hehe) …..I’m not sure if knowing what I’ll be in for is comforting or scares the shit out of me.

Motherhood is so rewarding and has shown me my purpose in life and has made me happier then I could have imagined …. even on the tough days.

March 22nd 2016 – the best day 🙂 

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