Loved by Me May 

Time to share this months much loved items. I always get excited to talk about to new products I’ve come across or some old faithfuls that I’m still loving and as we approach the first day of winter I’ve got some must haves to keep your skin looking and feeling fab.

So here is what I’m using to keep looking fresh this winter 🙂

Bondi Sands – Light/ medium foam – now that winter is here time to bust the tan in a bottle out of you havnt already. This is the only tan I ever use as it’s easy to apply, a great colour for me and wears off nicely. I generally tan once a week in winter so I don’t look like Casper and I choose to use the light foam as I don’t like the dark look on myself personally. Although it’s not a natural brand I choose to use it as it’s the only one I have ever been happy with and always works a treat.

Groundupskinco  – body scrubs and fake tan go hand in hand and I can’t go past this delicious coconut scrub. It smells amazing and is such great value as it last for ages. Completely natural, handmade and cruelty free this scrub ticks all the boxes for me when looking for products for my skin. Get your skin tan ready, scrub away flakes and nourish your skin and smell like a tasty coconut treat all at once. I’m excited to have recently become an ambassador for this great local business. Check out there scrubs, masks and other awesome beauty care products here ….




Weleda  – Birch Cellulite Lotion – another beautiful natural and organic skincare range. I seriously love the smell and texture of this lotion it’s made to help improve skin tone and appearance and just glides on. I love using essential oils on my skin and use this as a carrier oil for a lovely treatment for my legs, thighs, cheeks (bum) and tummy.



Inika Organic – Mascara – I’ve only recently started using this mascara and it’s a keeper. Vegan, organic, cruelty free and Australian made I just love this brand. I have had to throw out countless mascaras over the years due to sensitivity and irritation and have found it hard to find a natural one that I really like. I posted about their primer in last months feature and I will be adding to my @inikaorganic collection for sure. Beautiful products 🙂



Apivita – lipcare with pomegranate- natural,  effective and holistic products. I don’t like wearing lipstick but I do like a bit of colour on my lips and this silky smooth lip balm has the nicest colour and feel to it. It’s made with organic beeswax and olive oil and is another great product to keep your lips nourished in winter.





* Now is the perfect time to start getting in the habit of having a glass of warm water with lemon in the mornings

* DYI lip scrubs !! So easy and cheap as chips I posted one in last months loved by me feature. Have a spare soft toothbrush on hand and exfoliate your lips with a light brush every other day to keep them looking lush this winter.

* Protect your skin! Sun protection is still crucial in winter. Keep your healthy skin habits running all year round.

with love


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