How to keep a toddler happy – most of the time 

A bit over a month ago I wrote a post about how I was struggling with the transition into toddler life. The tantrums,the new stamp of authority from my tiny human and general change in behaviour. Since then we have both gotten our grove in our new phase in this journey and I must say…. toddlers are the best haha yes I said it! Well most of the time anyway.

I actually love this stage now, it’s fun and full of new skills and I now have a walking, talking (jibbering) mini boss who knows what she wants and in her own way tells me. We have moved past the 5am wake ups (for now) and have a more exceptable (for mummy) wake up time for 5.45- 6ish to me this is bliss after over a year of getting up before the birds.

So here is a few things I’ve learned about Aria since she has moved into toddlerhood and a few other things that have helped me 🙂

She is a foodie, a serial snacker and a seemingly bottomless pit hah this girl can eat! I have found ways to work around the fussiness with certain foods (veggies) by having a  juice or smoothie a day packed with spinach, avo, berries and pineapple or whatever we have. We love to sit on the garden a share a smoothie or juice and I know I’m sneaking her greens without her knowing (insert evil laugh). She loves eggs so I make veggie frittatas, green (spinach) pancakes and generally just hide the veggies in her meals. I still put them on her plate for her meals with the hope she will just eat them on their own too but they just end up on the floor or put to one side. She knows exactly which ones she likes and doesn’t and will pick them apart. I’ve also learned she likes simple foods like grilled fish and salmon or chicken. The more time and effort I put into baking or making something the less likely she is to like it haha so i keep it simple however if Shaun and I are eating something she will always try it.

We have a shoe obsession on our hands from a young age here haha she just loves them and always picks out the pair she wants to wear and tries to put them on herself. So cute. Aria will also bring me my shoes when she wants to go outside or for a walk which i think is very clever.

Miss A can read minds. Well kind of she can now understand what I’m thinking by the look on my face. When she knows shes doing she shouldn’t be and catches my eye she will shake her head before i get a chance to say No or ask her not to do it. I find it extremely hard not to smile or laugh sometimes. Clever way to distract mummy thats for sure.

Teething that dreaded word…… some babies cope fine and others fall to pieces and i think Ari is somewhere in between. I know exactly when a tooth is about to cut as she always seems to get an upset tummy along with the general irritability. One of my dear friends gave me a little tip for teething babes. Put a damp washcloth (clean) in the freezer or fridge for a bit and then let your little one suck on it. I have been doing this with Ari and she loves it! My other little tip is to have spare baby or kids toothbrushes handy. I always have one available and let her chew and suck on it and this is another win. My final teething tip is frozen fruit an absolute godsend and treat at the same time. Blueberries, pineapple, watermelon are our faves.

Aria is a bookworm and an animal lover and has a beautiful and special bond with our cat Simba. They are two peas in a pod and follow each other around, play, cuddle and have this head rubbing ritual they do its the sweetest.

She loves being outside, climbing and playing at the park and would go head first down the slide if id let her. She loves other kids and follows them and pats them haha and talks her jibber jabber to them and we are at the stage when i say its time to go home she cries and screams until i point out a dog and then life is good again.

I feel like a lot of the frustration and behaviours that came with her hitting the big ONE had a lot to do with her still not being able to walk, reach certain things, chase Simba around or climb and now that she can she has her independence and is generally easily pleased. We still have our hard days of course…. those days where the whinging and screaming can get to much and you just feel like having a cry but its part of the parenting journey and part of her growing up and i just remind myself that she will only be a baby for so long and that god knows i did it to my mother haha. I definitely felt the #mumguilt for venting my struggles and frustrations even if it was just in writing but i find that letting it out is the best way to get through it and on to the good times.

Aria is a smart, funny, brave, caring, loving, independent, emotional, beautiful, curious, confident and happy little toddler and exactly the kind of girl she should be and I wouldn’t want her any other way.

There is never a dull moment in life with a toddler and i definitely don’t take for granted the days i get to spend with her. Love my mini human to bits.

My tips to keep a toddler happy (most of the time haha)

* have snacks handy…. because who doesn’t get a smile on their face when food is put infront of them 🙂

* head outside even if it’s just in the garden the emusement they will find with sticks, stones, bird watching and getting out of the house in general is lovely. Take some books out and read. Fresh air and sunshine is good for the soul. Go for walks and point out all the pups like we do. Ari loves watching dogs walk by or play at the park.

* music – dance around the house or living room it’s so much fun and your babe will think your hilarious. I love this one

* water – cups or containers of water to play with and some plastic cooking utensils are always a winner. Another great outdoor activity when it’s not to cold. Let them get wet and dirty and worry about it after. I also find if Ari is teething or having a shocking day a bath or shower fixes everything. 

* cuddles, kisses and if all else fails pop on the wiggles and have a cuppa in peace for 10 mins 

I’d love to hear your tips and tricks too ! Xx

x With love

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