Beauty Babes June

I can’t believe its been a month already, life sure does fly by when you have a little babe to run around after. Thrilled to have the beautiful Krystle Brant aka @thechroniclesofmumma feature as this months beaut babe. We chat all things beauty and lifestyle below.

I love following Krystle & Willow’s journey its fun, raw and real and their stories always make me giggle and i can always relate. Is it just me or do you always get a bit of hair and brow envy ??  haha but seriously!! Sharing the ups, downs and everything in between and opening up and sharing her struggles through pregnancy and PND is inspiring. If you are not already a reader of Krystle’s blog and following her on instagram then you should be 🙂

Q1. What is in your makeup bag? Your must have items?

Well, I have two makeup bags – one for everyday and then one for work (as I work as an entertainer at Movieworld). My everyday is actually quite boring, I’ve got D+D cream from Model Co, NARS Concealer, Benefit They’re Real Mascara, Model Co Luminosity Shimmer Whip (for highlight), Poni Mane Stain for eyebrows and Clinique Chubby Lipstick.

The work one is out of control, just know that I have atleast 10 pairs of Red Cherry Lashes and the rest is all stage makeup (needs to be removed with a shovel haha).

Q2. Who inspires you?

This is going to sound a little selfish, but, I do. I inspire myself everyday. I have an amazing mum who I admire for what she does and who she is, but I am an inspiration to myself and my daughter. Does that sound bad? Everyday I wake up and I feel I am a better person because of who she is and how I act as her mum. I don’t always have it together but its together enough to make a difference.

Oh, and Beyonce. She has a great skill of dancing in heels which I will never accomplish haha.

Q3. What skincare products do you use?

I am actually so bad with keeping my skin clean but since being back at work and wearing the heaviest of makeup, I’ve had to make the effort to do a daily routine. I use Clinique Liquid Facial Gel Soap as a cleanser (I use this with the Clinique Sonic Brush), Clinique Clarifying Lotion as a toner and the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion for a moisturiser. If I need extra moisturising (especially on the dry areas like my forehead, I use the La Clinica Rosehip Oil). I always use a Jurlique Eye Cream for these tired mama eyes also.

Q4. What are your favourite beauty treatments?

All of them. Haha. I do love a good face mask and microdermabrasion if I’m feeling the face is in need of it. All the others are just add ons (Pedicures, spray tans, massage etc), thats if the little bebe lets me have some me time.

Q5. How has your beauty/ self care routine changed since having Willow?

To be honest, it has only changed slightly. I still find time to do my makeup and hair (even if its a mum bun) when she has her nap in the morning and I still moisturise my skin every morning and night. The only thing that has changed is probably getting my hair done. I used to get my hair coloured and extensions moved up every 8 weeks. I haven’t had a colour/cut OR extensions for over 12 months so I’m feeling a little neglected on that side but overall, I’m happy that my hair is healthy and shiny.

Q3. What are your 3 favourite things about Willow?

Only 3?? Oooo that’s a hard one, I’d have to say;

1. Her facial expressions. Oh my goodness, every single day she comes up with a new one and always at the most appropriate times. At the moment it is the frown with a pout face, love it!

2. Her determination. This little bebe is not afraid of anything! She will launch herself off her little fold out couch without hesitation. It’s not great for my anxiety or sanity, she will be the death of me haha.

3. Her smile. It is soooo infectious! When she smiles her whole face lights up and I can’t help but run to her and squeeze her little face. She thinks everything is funny and it cracks me up.

Q7. What are your favourite lifestyle activities?

Sleeping. Haha. As a family we love checking out the headlands around the GC and then finding new cafes to try. Springbrook is our fave but can’t beat a simple walk around the Broadwater with a coffee in hand. On my own, I love a good book (Thrillers, Crime and Horrors are my go-to’s) and the most amazing cup of tea! Oh and sleeping 🙂

Q8. Describe your ultimate beautiful day?

My ULTIMATE beautiful day would be to jump in the car with hubby, the bebe and the pooch, drive until we found the perfect spot to have some lunch and then go exploring. Let Willow take in our beautiful home and how lucky we are to live where we live and watch the dog lose her mind at all the room she has to run around. Head home in time to grab a beer, a glass of wine and a warm bottle of milk (for the bebe) then sit on our jetty watching the sky turn into the most amazing shade of pink.

Then sleep. ALWAYS sleep haha.

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