Social Media Behaviour 

Social Media Behaviour

I have an unpublished blog post on my thoughts and experiences with social media and how not only do i enjoy sharing and connecting with our mamas and people out there but how it has it has brought me wonderful new friendships, inspiration, access to social groups and even employment and how for me it is generally always brings a positive influence into my life.

We have all seen or heard about the ugly side of social media and how trolling, bitchiness and down right mean girl behaviour has directly affected someone we know or maybe even us personally and many social media influencers have written great pieces in regards to these issues in a bid to spread a message on how this is kind of cowardly behaviour is not and should not be excepted in any way shape or form. As a majority we don’t condone or except this kind of behaviour and would never lower ourselves to that level however lately I have noticed an increase in indirect comments, rants, insta stories etc and I’m wondering why? Why are people willing to put their foot down on direct bullying, nastiness and bitching but will in someway except it if its indirect? Is indirect bullying the new type of bullying?How is that any better then what the trolls and the negative nellies of the world are doing. These kind of open ended posts etc are really just opening the door to a lower level and unnecessary form of bad behaviour.

There are millions of bloggers and mummy bloggers alike and not everyone is going to aline with your interests, beliefs and opinions and thats ok. You won’t aline with everyone else’s either. Keep scrolling or don’t follow  – simple. Only you are in control of how often and how much or who you see on social media  and at the end of the day there is always enough room for everyone we are all entitled to do things our own way and are all entitled to have a voice if our intentions are good. It’s not a competition. It is perfectly normal and exceptable to disagree with other peoples posts, messages, parenting, lifestyle choices, what they choose to share and what they don’t. We all have our on views and opinions and unless they are of a positive nature they are best kept to ourselves. Nothing is gained by throwing your two cents in when its going to hurt somebody else. Am I right? 

As a mother in the modern world it worries me to see ANY kind of bad behaviour splashed over public forums and social media knowing full well the damage and affect this can have on children, teens and adults combined. It terrifies me to think of how things will be by the time Aria is old enough to use social media. Especially after watching 13 Reasons Why.

One of my beautiful friends posted a quote today which i think is so relevant ‘ NOT ALL WOUNDS ARE VISIBLE’ and i think this is something we should all take into consideration in our everyday lives and interactions with others, wether its in person or online and that the old philosophy of –  if you having nothing nice to say they don’t say anything at all should be embedded in all of us. We never really know what people are going through or why the do and say the things they do so being mindful on how we react and respond is important too. In other words don’t fuel the fire. 

There is endless discussions, articles and quotes rolling around on women’s empowerment and women supporting women yet there are still so many out there trying to tear eacother down and worrying more about other people’s personal business then their own and contradicting the very message they are trying to put out there in the first place. We are all mums, parents and humans just trying to get through this thing called life.

This is meant to be a space for sharing, connecting, learning, teaching and inspiring sharing your highs and your lows and everything in between with the purpose if helping others, helping yourself, growing your business or blog or just for the love of sharing your moments. We all do things different, we are all unique and thats a beautiful and wonderful thing.

Can we not just agree to disagree sometimes? Mind our own business? Set a good example for our babies?

We all have tiny ears and eyes on us afterall.

Be kind 

Be mindful

Be you 

Say NO to any form of (direct or indirect ) bullying, trolling, bitching or mean girl behaviour 

 With Love


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