Ethical Beauty – Why i choose cruelty free

Why I choose Cruelty Free 🙂

Over the past 5 years I have made a lot of lifestyle changes and have learnt a lot. Doing my beauty diploma not only gave me a greater knowledge on the human body but it also gave me a better understanding on how it works and a new mission to look after my own the best I can. There are many elements to the beauty industry but I graduated with a new passion for skincare and skin health.Thats what stuck out for me as it’s always been something I have struggled with as i have had skin problems from a young age. If only I had learnt all this when I was younger, I definitely would have made a lot wiser choices when came to skincare, sun protection and what products I was using.

The skin is an extremely fascinating part of the body and it’s our largest organ and body’s main protector. Much of what we put on our body (skin) is absorbed into our bloodstream and therefor we need to be mindful of what is in the products we are using. This includes skincare, makeup, cleaning products, haircare ect….

Let’s talk about skincare, makeup and hair care though. We want products that have results and are safe for us correct?? YES 🙋 I know I do!

So my thoughts are if a company/ brand is making products that they feel they need to test on animals before they are willing for humans to use then what the hell is in it????? What’s sort of cocktail of chemicals are they try to sell?

There is absolutely no justifiable reason why any animal should have to suffer the pain of product testing for humans. Ever. If a substance is even a remote risk for humans then what could it do to these poor animals?

After learning the horrific things that happen in these testing labs and some of the big name culprits I ended up throwing out half of my makeup and products and made the decision to start paying attention to what each brands philosophy was. My initial concerns were that finding quality products may be harder, more expensive and well they just might not work as well. Wrong ! There are so many amazing Cruelty Free and Ethical brands out there now and even better lots of great Australian brands too. An added bonus is that many of these brands use only organic and natural ingredients too. Winning!

So in the modern world where we are more mindful on what we eat, how much we exercise and the lifestyles we lead. Why can’t we be more mindful on what brands and products we use and support?

We can  🙌🏻 that’s the beauty of beauty these days.  Not only can we choose not to support brands that still test on animals we can also reduce our toxic exposure at the same time. Small changes can make a big difference 🙂

A recap on why I choose ethical beauty :

* I do not condone the cruelty and suffering of innocent animals for product testing.

* I prefer to choose products without crappy chemicals in them and reduce our toxic exposure where I can

* I prefer using natural products over synthetic products anyday

Finally, I am not saying that I only use natural products  and that every product in our home is  natural  but i can tell you that I am doing my best. I do know that my makeup, skincare and hair care products of choice are all cruelty free and majority completely natural too though and I’m proud of that. As a mum of a little girl who is always watching an wondering what i am doing and using and always wanting to touch and try things herself i like knowing that products i use are not harmful so down the track when she is older she can use them too.

Stay tuned i will be sharing my skincare and makeup must haves next week ! All cruelty free of course 🙂 My everyday faves !

with love



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