Beauty Babes July

So this month I am changing things up a little as July its actually the 6month I’ve been sharing my blogging journey with you guys. How cool is that! Each month I do a beauty and lifestyle Q&A with someone who inspires me, someone who’s journey has helped me in someway or another and someone who’s inner/ natural beauty is admirable.

Thank you so so much to the amazing mamas who have taken the time to be apart of my journey so far I am truly grateful.

@aliceinhealthyland @bybrittanynoonan @lovedbyemily @themamachronicles @thechroniclesofmumma 💗

As you know by now I’m a lover of all things beauty, health and wellness and so I love this feature on the blog as I always love finding out other people’s fave products ect and when choosing and finding new things for myself I like to go off people’s word over any kind of advertising.

So, because I’m all about the whole self love thing I decided I would feature myself this month because well why not???   I’m excited allow my lovely readers to get to know me a bit more and of course share a few of my favourite things.


I’m a 31 year old mama to one beautiful girl and a rookie in the world of parenting. It’s a journey I am loving more then anything and that has bought me more personal growth and happiness in 16months then I’ve had in my entire life.

File 28-7-17-2


I am a stay at home mama and I work from home doing admin, marketing and newsletter design for two amazing Gold Coast hair and beauty businesses. It keeps my big toe in the hair and beauty world and keeps me sane. Im passionate about healthy beauty standards, cruelty free and prefer natural products and love all things SKIN (lol it sounds weird and a little creepy ) and overall wellness. I’m loving my blogging journey it’s become another passion of mine and I find it very therapeutic and a great way to connect with other mamas and beauty lovers.

I have a lot of dreams and goals that I am working on and reaching for and I must admit I am extremely proud of where I stand today. I have found a lot of strength and self belief since becoming a mother and in the past 6 months in particular and find a lot of motivation and inspiration from other mums/women and their stories.



So I am going to answer some of the questions I have asked my beautiful guests on this feature so you can have a peek at my beauty must haves too.

Q1. What’s in your makeup bag? Your must have items?  

I am loving LUST MINERALS and have only recently converted but its a new found love. My must haves are a good primer (I’m using Lust) my mineral foundation (also Lust) and I can’t walk out the door with out my mascara on and I’m using Inika Organics.

Check out Lust Minerals here
Inika Organic here

File 28-7-17-1.jpeg

Q2. Who inspires you? 

Mums and women in general and all my mama friends. We are strong and amazing beings and I have a lot of respect for anyone who can share their wins and their losses and help and support others by doing so and all the girl bosses out there giving it a go while raising their families and riding the wild ride that is motherhood. 

Q3. What skincare products do you use?

I love a good serum, eye cream and face mask!

I am also a huge believer in beauty starts within which is why I love and use RAW COMPLEXIONS 1 & 2 daily as well.

My skin has always been a problem for me and is something I am aways working on. Even with the knowledge I have from my beauty diploma I still struggle with it. Good news though I have booked myself in to go on a skin treatment plan ( hallelujah ) starting this Monday YIPPPEEEE and it will be getting the extra love it needs every month. I will be sharing my journey so stay tuned…

I use Skintitut products and really love them but will be changing to the product range at the salon i will be going too.

File 28-7-17.jpeg

Q4. What are your favourite beauty treatments?

Facials (any day of the week), micros and peels I actually enjoy the tingling/ sting of a peel (again weird) oh and an aromatherapy massage. All the things i currently haven’t made time for since Aria was born. Thank god this is changing on Monday.

Q5. How has your beauty/ self care routine changed since having a baby? 

Well although  I make time for my beauty care at home ( which just isn’t the same lets face it) I haven’t done so in the salon which is something I used to always make time for. So thats a big change.

Q6. What are you 3 favourite qualities in Aria??

 — her sass , her determination and her loving and caring nature

she reminds me of me and I love it!

File 28-7-17-3.jpeg

Q7. What are your favourite lifestyle activities?

Walking is my therapy. I love it although now with a tiny toddler in toe my FBW have turned into more of a slow old lady stroll. I love weights and HIIT but don’t do this much anymore but now miss Aria is in daycare I will be making more time for this too.

Q8. Describe your ULTIMATE beautiful day?

Sleep in til at least 6.30 

Beachside walk with Shaun & Aria

Breakfast and COFFEEEE

Pack up and drive down the coast somewhere

Hang at the beach with my loves

Face mask and a shower ( alone lol )

Quiet night in watching netflix with Shaun and cuddles on the couch 🙂

File 28-7-17-5.jpeg

File 28-7-17-4.jpeg


So there you have it a little more about yours truly 🙂 

Are there any other health beauty topics you would like to read about??

Stay tuned for my skin journey and for next months beauty babe.


with love 


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