Beauty Babes August – with The Stylist Mama

So i have been a little quiet on the blog front this month as I have been busy juggling work (I have been doing a little extra), miss Aria, the general mum life thing and we have also just had Shaun’s mum stay with us as well. I have a few cool things to share as soon as I find the time and plan to make September amazing.

I am really excited to share this months Beauty Babe an absolute fave of mine the fabulous Ellen Robbins aka @thestylistmama . If you are not following this mama’s blog and insta then WHY NOT? She is amazing! All your beauty, hair, fashion, style, mama life and lifestyle needs and reads in one bright and colourful place. You see a lot of her beautiful daughter Sophie and family life as well. Full of positive vibes, tips and tricks of the trade in the hair, beauty and fashion world and a genuine and beautiful soul. One of my MUST read blogs as its full of great content and I always take away something from her posts. Love it!

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Ellen is also hosting/ presenting a SPRING/SUMMER STYLING BRUNCH next month which is set to be amazing. Im pretty sure its sold out so you can be like me and just pretend you are there haha. Cant wait to see/read all about it and stalk all the pics and stories that are sure to follow.

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As always we are talking all things beauty and lifestyle – read all of Ellen’s faves below. Enjoy!! 🙂

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Q1. What’s in your makeup bag? Your must have items?
Oh yeah, love a good makeup bag haul! Ok so I have about 5 must haves- at the moment I am loving, Sephora Liquid Foundation, Clinque Mascara, Sephora Bronzer, and Jane Iredale lip glosses! To be honest, I change colours and types of product all the time depending on the time of year, but I tend to stick with those brands!
I am a bit of brush freak too, so my bag is filled with different makeup brushes!

Q2. Who inspires you?
So many people! Firstly my girlfriends and family- we have a huge family and everyone is so diverse in their businesses its great to get lots of inspiration from them, apart from that, I really look upto people like- Tash Oakley, Nicky Zimmermann (Zimmermann designer) and Roxy Jackeno! All three women are true entrepreneurs and absolutely own their space which I love!
Q3. What skincare products do you use?

A bit of everything to be honest! I would love to a hard core “xyz” fan, but my skin has its good days and its bad days so I really have to go with the flow and use what will work!! At the moment (coming out of winter) I am using a skintitut Glycolic scrub once a week to life any dryness, and my fave Waterlily Moisturiser, so lightweight, love it!

Q4. What are your favourite beauty treatments?

FACIALS. Nothing more nothing less. Obsessed!

Q5. How has your beauty/ self care routine changed since having Sophie?
At the beginning it went out the window and I really had to cut corners to make it quick and simple! Nowadays I am kinda back to what I used to do, but lets say, a bit of home pampering is as good as it gets these days!
Q6. What are you 3 favourite qualities in Sophie??
Aw! She’s so funny! Like hilarious, she’s such a character so defiantly her humour. She’s pretty switched on too, she will learn something once and do it again and again which is great, and finally her happiness! Kids are so innocent and sweet- its infectious!
File 23-8-17-6
Q7. What are your favourite lifestyle activities?
I love barre and pilates work outs! They are so good for your mind and mental health- obsessed!
File 23-8-17-4
Q8. Your favourite quote? One you live by?
My current fave is: 
Plan in decades. Think in years. Work in months. Live in days.
Q9. Describe your ULTIMATE beautiful day?
Oh gosh, an early morning pilates class (well maybe 8am, I would like to have a sleep in), then brunch at our local deli (drool) then a little bit of time in the sunshine- I’m easy with where to is (beach/ park) then home for a sleep, and a play with my little princess! Then of course, a dinner cooked by my other half- haha!!!
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File 23-8-17-5
with love Jess
p.s Stay tuned for more beauty and lifestyle goodness right here 🙂

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