Skin Savers – My Top 3

As I’ve mentioned before skincare is a love and passion of mine and skin struggles are something I’ve dealt with since I was an early teen. I feel like since becoming a mum I’ve aged 5years overnight and since I hit my 30s ive really noticed a lot of changes to the appearance to my skin.

Two weeks ago I got my hands on Alpha H Liquid Gold and was instantly impressed. I’ve been using it each alternate evening after cleansing and it has quickly become an essential of mine.

So here is what it this product claims to do :

Clarifies and brightens the complexion
Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles

Works as a toner, exfoliator, serum, and moisturiser

Increases moisture within the skin

Salon results in one easy step

I can tell you it’s a big fat YES to all of the above. My skins appreance has improved dramatically and now has a radiance about it again 🙌🏻 I also have seen improvements with the stubborn underlying congestion I had on my forehead and my overall complexion is improving daily. You beauty!

Check out all things Alpha H here

I also read a interesting article about the affects of blue light (aka your smart phone and computer) and your skin on the Alpha H website and have attached a link here

I can’t however give all the credit to this magic bottle although it has been a huge help. 

This along with using my fave mineral makeup LUST MINERALS has my face ready in 5 minutes. YES 5! I now don’t feel the need to pile as much makeup on to feel comfortable and love knowing the makeup I’m using is doing wonders for my skin too.

My LUST must haves are the :





An amazing Australian made, certified vegan, cruelty free and natural makeup range that has something for everyone. Check it out here

Last but not least my other skin saver has been cutting back on the caffeine or should I just say coffee. For me personally I think it  contributes to triggering my breakouts so I’ve cut down to 1-2  a week instead of 6-7 😅 and I can honestly say it’s working for me.

My 3 TIPS for saving your skin :

1. Use magic aka LIQUID GOLD


3. Cut back on the caffeine 

+ drink plenty of water 💦 that one goes without saying.

What are your skin savers?? Would love to know !

with love


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