A term thrown around that well quite frankly makes me cringe.

Sharing our favourite moments has become a huge part of our lives and of late I have found myself thinking about how sad it is to think that some people are probably not sharing some of their favourite memories and moments because well it’s just not ‘instaworthy’.

It seems now that it has become a trend to have a shiny, staged and somewhat fake life appear on social media in order to feel excpeted. Are there really people out there scouting for ‘instaworthy’ places to get photos ?? Staging ‘moments’ and taking 30 shots to get the perfect ‘I didn’t know you were taking a photo gaze into the distance’ 😩 and then editing the already edited moment …. it all seems exhausting really. 

Whatever happened to just capturing memories and sharing them because of the simple joy it brings you? 

Don’t get me wrong I am the queen of photos I have thousands upon thousands in my phone alone, capturing snippets of our lives that I love to share and look back on but the truth is rarely if ever are the best moments actually captured. Those morning cuddles, the crazy dancing around the house, learning and sharing new experiences together, rolling around on the floor giggling with your little babe or that last little look you get as you put your baby to bed at night. All the best stuff. The camera just isn’t usually there. They are the moments we get to keep just for ourselves.

I read a little post the other day from my lovely friend Jess @theummum which led me to a post by Olivia @houseofwhite in regards the the hashtag #takethedamphoto about making sure your not just taking photos but that your in them too and sharing them no matter what you think you look like and as a member of the daggy mum club I know there are many times where I havnt posted a photo of myself because A) I just don’t appear in enough or B)I find a reason not too eg. My hairs a mess or I look tired (standard).

I Absolutely loved this it was such a good reminder. I’m always the one behind the camera and rarely in the photos unless it’s a selfie and that’s something I want to change. I want to see myself in as many of those fun and memorable days aswell as my family no matter what I look like. Life is fun and messy when you have kids so who cares anyway?!

So here is what I’m putting out there. Don’t ever feel like you or your life isn’t ‘instaworthy’ or that the raw and real you isn’t good enough.  I don’t know about you but I would much rather see a photo of someones real moments then an elaborate staged moment any day. 

If you are reading this then you are likely one of the people that inspires me everyday and that you probably don’t see yourself the way that others do. That your just like me a mum with a busy and colourful life and a whole lotta love to share. Yes we are not always dressed for a photo shoot but who cares ? Our babes certainly don’t. Share your happiness and the things that make you smile no matter what and make sure you are in some of those photos too. I know that’s my new goal 💗

X with love 

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