Pregnancy update 

Well it’s been 7 weeks since my last post 🙄 where did that time go ??
Thought I would share what’s been happening with myself, the bean and miss Aria.

Hello second trimester:)

Yay I passed the yucky stage and have regained my energy and have be more or less feeling like myself since. YIPPEE ! I do love the second trimester because you get your energy back and your not too big or uncomfortable ….yet. Although second time around I am starting to feel a few old niggles from the end of my pregnancy with Aria resurface already booo and by niggles I mean achey legs at the end of the day and tenderness my joints. Like my body thinks I’ve already gained the 14kg back already lol. Other wise I’m good as gold!

Keeping active –

I have been able to keep up with my normal morning routine which is Aria getting me up with the birds and us heading out for a morning walk. I actually had no idea how far we were walking each day and turns out it was 3.3 ks which is a pretty good way to start the day I think. It clears my head and is just a nice quiet time that we enjoy together. Sometimes we will go for a late afternoon walk aswell but not as far just more of a stroll to the park or something like that. I do my own basic home workouts every other day at home to and have been trying to make sure I am doing daily stretches too. Otherwise the daily toddler wrangling keeps me fit and on the move anyway.

Cravings – 
Give me all the fruit 🍉 my fave thing to snack on at the moment is cold fruit. Particularly mangos, watermelon and I love munching on frozen berries too. My sweet tooth is definitely back and I have been enjoy my treats too. Guilt free I might add. Otherwise I’m just eating as normal really and my coffee intake is down to about 1 or 2 a week and I’m having fresh juice dates with miss Aria more often instead. 

Hello emotions-

If you know me well you would know what a big sook and softy I am any day of the week but my goodness it’s getting ridiculous at the moment. Sometimes I sob listening to the radio, even on my walk in the mornings I sometimes shed a tear or two lol not because I’m sad but because I’m happy haha 😀 I’m pretty much tearing up writing this actually haha (not kidding) , I cried at the wiggles concert (a new low haha) again just overwhelmed with emotion of the good kind. 

Relaxed and enjoying the journey –

This has certainly been a whole different experience to my pregnancy with Aria. No stress, no worry, no fear of the unknown and I’m just so busy with Aria I don’t have time to be conscious of every movement. I felt the first flutters of bubba at around 15ish weeks and the other day I realised I hadn’t really felt anything since and for a split second I was worried and then I realised how busy I have been and that I generally don’t stop all day and once my head hits the pillow I am asleep thanks to my busy bee Aria but over past few nights after dinner I have been able to lay and relax and feel those little movements again. I just love it 😍 

Gender reveal –
We have our scan tomorrow yay so so excited to see bubba again and finally know if we have a son or a daughter on the way. I actually have no idea, no gut feeling and will be equally happy with either just can’t wait. We are actually saving the surprise to Christmas morning for when our family is here so have to wait a few more sleeps eeeek. Then I can really start planning, thinking about names and preparing at home. It really is an extra special time of year all round. So grateful ☺️

Last but not least –

I am not going to pretend there isn’t a tiny little part of me that isn’t terrified. Those flash backs of the pain of the birth (particularly when I see something on tv) creep in and I go holy shit I going to go through that again 😩 but it’s another part of the process and I have gotten through it before…. deep breath. There is also a little bit of Mum guilt that comes over me every known again when I think about juggling a newborn and Aria. Sharing my attention and changing things up in the household. It’s something I generally keep at the back of my mind but I know as time gets closer will surface more often. Something tells me Aria is going to cope better then I will anyway haha she’s a tough cookie and a very loving a caring little girl who will be eager to help mummy and I can’t wait to see her step in to her new role as big sister. In the mean time I’m just going to enjoy our time as just the three of us and we will all adapt to our new little addition together. Looking forward to having another little love bug in the house. Life is good.

Well that’s a wrap for now. I will be doing a little post of the reveal and be checking in more often as more changes happen with my body, the baby and the planning.

with love 

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