Baby update 

Well just like that another month has past so I thought I’d do a little update. Mostly because this mumbrain of mine is getting worse and worse and I look forward to being able to look back and see how I was feeling ect..

It’s a girl – 

We are thrilled to have found out we are welcoming another little girl into our family. We did a gender reveal surprise on Christmas Day while alot of the family was together ( we even had family up north on face time). It really was a fun and exciting way to do it and I know we both got a thrill when that balloon popped. Ari on the other hand wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about haha. Truth is deep down I thought it was a boy. I thought I had seen something on the ultrasound I shouldn’t have but I was wrong haha so it truely was a huge surprise. With all the chaos of Christmas Day it didn’t really sink in until I was alone in the car after dropping my parents off and I became overwhelmed with emotion. Driving along the Gold Coast highway sobbing like a baby (lol) and just feeling complete happiness. Although it wasn’t the gender that led to these feelings it was more just being able to truely connect and know who was growing inside me. I also now knew all the pink can stay and I have already got plenty of things to hand down from big sister Aria too.

Wellbeing –

Well that baby belly has definitely popped it almost felt like I woke up one morning and pop there it was. I actually remember feeling heavier laying on my side that morning. Pretty bloody cool if you ask me. As I am writing this I have just passed the 23rd week mark and had my first hospital visit with the midwife. All is going well with bub she is super active and my health is all good.  The only minor changes concern is a low lying placenta which we will be checking out at 32weeks to see that it’s moved. Overall I am feeling very calm and well and just enjoy the journey.

Big sister duties –

Miss Aria now says ‘sissy’ when she points at my belly which completely melts my heart. She is always rubbing it and kissing it too. Although she knows there is a baby in there because we tell her so I am still unsure she fully understands. Ari has really taken to caring for her dolls and soft toys lately too. She’s definitely in training for helping me out when bubba arrives and her affection level has stepped up even more. She has such a loving and caring nature and I can’t wait to see her with her little sister 😭😍

Excerise –

Walking, home workouts and toddler wrangling are keeping me feeling good. I have found a couple of great home workouts for the second trimester that I have really been enjoying and miss Aria and I still have our daily walk and dog spotting sessions. Although I am finding it a little harder to get comfy at night (the heat doesn’t help) I am sleeping really well. Aria keeps me busy busy so by bed time I am that bloody tired I forget I’m uncomfortable pretty quick and the lights are out. I have been sleeping deeply and having really vivid dreams that I can remember each morning and they are all so realistic too. 

Baby beauty –

I have locked myself in for a facial a month before the baby arrives 🙌🏻🙌🏻 going to soak up that ‘ me time’ while Aria is a kindy before I have a little newbie attached to me at all times. I have been using some lovely products, using my essential oils a lot more again and I am going to do a little blog about this soon. Stay tuned!

Nesting –

With Aria it was all about the gathering of things. Buying all the things I thought I needed setting the room up and over consuming 🙋 guilty. This time around I have been the opposite I have been de cluttering, organising and getting the house prepared for not one but two girls and our new crazy even busier lifestyle. I just don’t want to feel overwhelmed with things we don’t need and have everything we do need where I want it lol if that makes sense. The planning is a lot less stressful the second time around as I know what worked and didn’t last time and to just take it one stage at a time.

Anyways that’s a little update from me for now. We have also narrowed it down to a few names eeeeeekkkk so exciting and hard but we have plenty of time. As always thanks for all your support and kind messages. Feeling the love 💗


I blame all spelling mistakes, rambling and confusion on my babybrain 😅

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