Tears, Toddlers and  … and the kindness of a stranger.

Ahhhh toddlerlife the fun, adventurous, emotional and ever changing roller coaster that it is.

I’m not here to tell you I have some miracle answer on how to tame a toddler meltdown, that Arias tantrum was any worse then the millions thrown around the world today, that I’m a perfect parent or that I live in a happy little bubble 24/7 where everything is shiny and the perfect moments are always happening. We have our days too ! Believe me ….we all do. Just thought I’d share today’s little tale.

We are only a month out from entering the infamous terrible twos but my oh my have I been getting a taste of it this week.

This mornings little trip to the park ended in the mother of all tantrums, I’m talking throwing herself into the sand, inconsolable crying, wild jerking movements …. holy mama!! Throw in a particularly emotional pregnant lady and yes it was quite the spectacle.

Luckily for me this ordeal also gave me a quick reminder bad how KIND some people are. As I tried to juggle the wildling that was Aria, her bike, hat, shoes ect… leaving a trail of things between the playground and the car in front of about 30 park goers. One lovely mama picked up all my things and came over and gave me a hug 😭🤗 I lost it ! Sometimes being a parent can be overwhelming and you won’t always have control of the situation your in and that’s OK!

So to that beautiful mama THANKYOU 🙌🏻 It will be my mission to pay it forward one day because you never know the day someone just needs a hug 💕 Be kind always!

So while miss Aria sleeps I write and well I have been thinking. Thinking about how I wish I could find that lady and just tell her how bloody wonderful she is.  That today I just needed that instead of just having spectators. It really just shows how kind and supportive so many of us are, not only to those we care about but strangers too and can lift someone’s day with just a few kind words.

I hope that everyone that reads this story remembers it the next time they see a mama in a meltdown and might offer the same kindness. Or that when your in the midst of one yourself that your not alone in this parenting journey we are all going through the highs and the lows. You got this !! I know I will ✨

Oh and we made it for round 2 at the park this afternoon because our beautiful girl wanted to go quote ‘running’ with daddy. Smiles all round!

Xx with love

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