Pregnancy update – Third trimester

Well we are at the business end of the pregnancy now at almost 30 weeks we are on the long home run lol

A little bit of an update on what’s been happening and what’s to come.

I must say this pregnancy has been very relaxed (mostly) I feel like since I had the 20week scan and gender reveal we have just been getting on with it. I don’t know what the baby measures or any of the fine details because my brain just simply can’t retain much information atm and to be honest my doctors appointments have been way less frequent this time around. I know baby is doing well and is active and always reminding me she is there and I feel well and that keeps my mind at ease. We do however have a busy schedule of appointments coming up. I have another scan in 2 weeks to check on a low lying placenta and see what’s happening there. I am looking forward to seeing baby girl again one more time before she is earthside.

We have a name …… eeeekkkkk!! Yes we have settled on a name and we love it and will be keeping it just for us until she is born.

Health wise I am doing well and feeling well. I have been keeping as active as possible and our routine hasn’t changed much things are just moving a little slower (that would be me) ! Nothing reminds you more that you are pregnant then trying to carry a 12kg toddler around. My only real struggle has been sleep not only has miss Aria had a bit of a change with her sleep which has put things off a bit but I am just finding it harder to sleep in general. Always uncomfortable and always thinking 💭 the hot nights haven’t helped either but I’m coping and I guess it’s my body’s way of preparing me for newborn life again.

All going well with our upcoming scan I will be preparing for natural birth. I know how unpredictable and crazy the labour can go and know I will just have to take whatever comes. I am hoping to get in the birthing pool this time and for a short and painless birth haha joking I know that’s not going to happen (the painless part anyway). The truth is I am shitting myself even though I have been through it before every birth is different so the unknown scares me. As long as she arrives safe and sound I am willing to do whatever I have too.

As for the preparation for miss Aria and around the home. We are always talking to Aria about her baby sister and she knows something is happening. I feel she is definitely starting to sense change. As we move things around and include her as a helper getting organised for bubba, show her all the things for the baby she understands somewhat that something is happening. It will be a beautiful moment to see them meet for the first time 😍 and I will do my best to make the transition as smooth as I can for Aria. We are very lucky to have Shauns Mum coming down, my parents close by and hopefully Shaun off work for a week to give everyone the support they need.

Last but not least … ME!

I have 3 facials booked and will be getting a mama makeover in the Hair department before bubs arrives 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I will be hiring a cleaner the week before DD to give the house a little extra love so it’s one less thing to worry about. I will also be preparing meals for both Aria and us for the freezer for the I ‘just can’t ‘ days and I have been week by week getting myself comfy winter clothes and little things to make myself feel a little fresher and new again once bub arrives.

So yes I feel well prepared and like this time I have thought of myself too which I think is really important. A little self care goes a long way! Especially in those sleepless newborn days.

I will be doing one final update once the scan is done and we are closer to the arrival of our little angel. I honestly feel so grateful to be able to have not one but two beautiful children. It’s made my life 😭😍

with love always xx

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