Maya’s birth story – a surprise home birth

The birth of Maya Rose Taylor born Friday 18/5/18 10.10am – through my eyes.

I am not sure where to begin. There were so many little things that happened in the lead up to the day miss Maya was born that when we look back at it all it’s like everything happened so that we would all somehow be there when she arrived.

Firstly Maya’s ‘ due date’ was the 16/5/18. We had Shauns mum due to arrive on the 15th which we were hoping we would make it to as she missed Aria’s birth by one day (she lives in cairns) so in the days leading up to then I was just hoping we would reach the 40w mark. Shaun was also going to be starting out his own business with a contract that was set to start bang around when baby could decide to arrive. Fait would have it that there was a problem with the engineering on the job so it was postponed until the following week. Shaun just picked up some work with his old boss knowing he may or may not have to drop everything depending on what baby decides to do.

With both my pregnancies I have gone through shared care with my GP and the GCUH and both times have signed up to have a student midwife along for the journey with me. I must say I had such a great experience each time and loved having that extra familiar face/ person to touch in with and there through the births. Although Mandy (my student this time around) didn’t quite make it to the birth of Maya Rose as she surprised us with extremely fast labour and home birth.

On Thursday 17/5 we were 40w1 and at around 7.30 pm whilst sprawled out on the couch I began to get Braxton Hicks. I had been getting them on and off since around 34/35 weeks with a few nights in the week prior having them ramp up and convince me labour was coming but every time they would just subside after an hour or so. This is why initially I kept quiet but after about 15 mins they were happening consistently every 10 or so mins. I told Shaun and we started to get excited and started timing them. Let’s be clear they were not painful they were just tightenings but were a strong sensation. These continued and it was about 8.30 pm we both thought tonight’s the night it was exciting! Shaun yelled out to his mum in the next room and said ‘she’s coming’ obviously not that instant but maybe tonight or early tomorrow. We continued to monitor and at around 9pm I messaged Mandy (my student midwife) told her what was happening and she said to go get some rest incase in was the real deal. I messaged mum too as they were going to come over and mind Aria whenever we needed to head off to the hospital. We all went to bed with a sense of excitement and prepared that I may go into labour that night. Of course I couldn’t sleep at this point and as per usual Shaun fell asleep in 3.4 seconds after hitting the pillow haha. I was restless so decided to head out to the couch. I continued to monitor them at the last I remember it was 11pm. I next woke up to Aria’s cry and went in and comforted her. Whilst laying there I realised I’d been asleep and the tightenings had eased so I drifted back off to sleep. In the early part of the morning we all realised it wasn’t happening. Or so we thought. Shaun had a couple of hours work to do and I assured him It was ok to go and that they had spaced right out and were not increasing in pain at this point I thought it was all over. Off he went.

If you know me you would know that we are early birds in this house. Aria was up as was I and we watched cartoons and snuggled and I continued to get these faint tightenings. Once Shauns mum was up we decided the plan would be to go grab a coffee and pick up a few things for Aria at Coles incase today may be the day. At 40w2 any day could be the day but there definitely was that feeling in the air. At around 7.30 am the tightenings became more painful. They were still short and spaced out but I knew things were starting to move along. My labour with Aria was 18 hours so I assumed I had a way to go as a bearable pain level had just begun. Shaun was checking in more then normal he had that feeling and he was going to head home as he wanted to be around just in case. . Anyways back to us heading to Coles, as I put Aria in her car seat I was stopped in my tracks with an intense contraction. I turned to Kellie (Shauns mum) and said I think I best stay home. I wasn’t keen to go any more. I felt things had changed. So she jumped in the car to go grab us coffee’s from the cafe on our street. I went inside with Aria and these contractions continued. Shaun called and I told him things were progressing he sounded stressed he then told me he had broken down 😩 of all the days he was standing next to a smoking ute in ffing Helensvale (we live in Burleigh). I didn’t panic though I even said ‘should I come get you’ lol wtf was I thinking. I contacted Mandy again and was told to just breath through them and once there are more then one in a 10 minute period to call back. I continued to have these and when they did come on I would drop to my knees. Aria was confused and upset. She could feel my pain I swear it. She hugged me and said ok mummy (ps I’m balling my eyes out writing this). Kellie came in the door to see me hunched over the couch and Aria holding onto me. I decided to vacuum lol I don’t know why but in between each contraction I quickly bounced out of it and felt ok. I wanted to distract myself . I remember thinking how the f*%k will I get through this. Shaun called again still stressing trying to get home he had managed to get the Ute closer to home but had pulled over again as the Ute was smoking again. He could definitely sense that he needed to get home soon. The pain had increased andKellie helped me through each one by telling me to breathe and rubbing my back. At this point the hospital still hadn’t given us the go ahead to go in.Aria was beside herself when she would see me crying.

This all took place over a good hour and a bit and when Shaun finally walked in the door Aria was instantly calmer, he took one look at me and said right were going to the hospital!!. I explained I had just been on the phone to them and they said not just yet.

By this stage I was inconsolable and was not sure what to do with myself I hopped in the shower to get myself ready again. I then noticed there was some blood. I called Mandy and she told me to call the hospital again. I did so and they said it’s time to head up but not to come in the car to call the ambulance because there is blood and they could here things had progressed rapidly. Shaun was on the phone to the ambulance and was being talked through things and asking me many questions. As you can imagine I was yelling and shaking and in pain I had pressure in my back and bum and was on my knees half naked on the tiles (flattering I know). Shaun was then instructed to set up a makeshift bed on the floor and get me on my back and wait. They wanted to be prepared in case. In my mind they were coming to take me to the hospital not to have the baby here. I didn’t have time to think, I was just deep into my labour riding it out and waiting. Listening but not really listening and just going with what my body was doing and what Shaun and Kel were telling me.. The pain was unbearable but I knew it was almost at its worst. As Kellie moved me to the kitchen I remember her saying your in transition and I knew it too. It was only then I completely realised this baby would be delivered at home. I wasn’t scared though. I knew I had Shaun, Kellie and Ari there and the ambulance was on the way and I trusted in that.

Shaun was still taking instructions over the phone from the ambulance( he was incredible ) and told me to lay on my back. They could here what was happening. I had the urge to push and was shaking and screaming (the way you do when your in labour) and with the next contraction they said I could push. The ambulance was 5 minutes away but at this point I thought Shaun would be delivering our baby. The ambulance pulled up just as baby was crowning and with the next contraction Maya’s head was born and Shaun and Kellie could hand things over to the paramedics. All I remember at this point is all these smiling and encouraging faces around me and I felt safe. Aria was sitting quietly right next to my head with Shaun holding on to her and me. Kellie was on my left and the paramedics where instructing me that the next contraction Maya would enter the world and then there she was. Placed on my chest. Safe and sound. She let out a big cry and I (we) all instantly felt relieved and overjoyed. There were a lot of happy tears and almost disbelief of what had just happened. I remember hearing Aria saying ‘baby sister’ ‘baby sister’ for a few moments we were all just in this love bubble. Huddled around together on our kitchen floor. Those moments were so beautiful. I remember thinking it was all over but as you can imagine it wasn’t there was still lots that needed to happen. Maya had her first feed at home right then and there too. We just lay there while the plans were being made to get us to the hospital and deliver the placenta and to cut the cord. I had lost a lot of blood and there was some concern for that. My parents walked in expecting to be taking over as we headed to the hospital what they didn’t expect was to see that Maya was here. In our home. I felt very weak and could barley talk I was definitely in a bit of shock and the pain had rocked me. I remember shouting out don’t forget my slippers lol it’s funny the things you wish for in times like that. Maybe my feet were cold ?? Who know’s 🤷‍♀️ Remember the hospital bags I have had packed and on the kitchen table for weeks? Yeh well they didn’t make it to the hospital that day haha in all the chaos I just assumed they would magically appear there but I had my slippers 😂We didn’t need them anyway. That first night Maya spent on my chest or wrapped up anyway.

The journey to the hospital took approx 25 mins and wasn’t pleasant I just wanted to enjoy my new baby but was still contracting and in agony. The paramedics that came that day were unbelievable they were so wonderful at keeping us all calm and reassuring us of what was happening. I remember holding Maya in one arm and this strangers arm in the other and sobbing to him like he was family and just thanking him for helping us deliver her safely. I was in pain and just needed comfort. I can’t thank them enough. That drive to the hospital felt like it lasted forever.

We arrived at GCUH and were rushed in to deliver the placenta and asses baby and myself with Shaun and Kellie arriving not long after, Mandy was also waiting, Shaun took over caring for Maya whilst I had the unpleasant part of the day get underway. Being examined poked and prodded ( I hate this part) and getting stitches all while looking on and trying to listen to how baby was and everything going on over there. It was nice to watch over Shaun as he bonded with Maya. He was so proud. Lucky for me I had Kellie right by my side (she was a godsend). We got through the procedures it and then it hit me. All the emotion came rushing back and I could truely enjoy our beautiful baby girl. I cried so hard but not because i was upset because I was so happy and grateful, I could see Aria when I looked at her and was overwhelmed with emotion and we all just jumped back in that love bubble again it was beautiful like we got to have those moments from the kitchen all over again. We knew everything was ok. We had our baby girl safe and sound and could now look forward to going home and all being together.

I stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. Shaun and Kellie headed home to be with Aria and care for her after all she had been through too. I actually slept considerably well that night. Waking for feeds and cuddles and resting in between. It was our quiet time and it was lovely.

I could honestly just keep writing forever on all the little things that happened from there but I will leave it at that. Our story. One we will never forget. The birth of Maya Rose Taylor at home with her whole family there waiting for her.

We are able to look back at calls and messages and the window from when Shaun walked in and Maya was born was only approx 20mins. It’s like she waited for him 😭💕

I definitely learnt a lot that day. How incredibly strong we are as Mother’s and humans and how we all have an inner strength we don’t even know we have. How when your thrown into a situation like that everyone just knows what to do without knowing what to do and that everyone that was there that day was meant to be. Everyone in that room controlled the situation in their own way, including Aria who sat there quietly and helped me get through it without panic. It’s brought us all even closer and I can’t thank them all enough 💕

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