De clutter for 2019 – what can you let go of before the year is out ?

As the year closes in there is no better time to declutter and let go of things that don’t serve you purpose or cause you unnecessary stress or negativity.

It’s also the time of year where it feels like everyone is trying to sell you something. Everyone’s showing off all this stuff and it just feels like buy, buy, buy. I personally feel the opposite…. get rid of the ‘things’ I say. Less is more !

Need an end of year clear out? Here’s what I’ve done to refresh and reset for 2019


If your a mum like me then the daily mess and ‘things’ around the house can make you feel overwhelmed and add unwanted stress and anxiety to your already crazy busy life.

I find this time of year is such a great time , to get rid of unwanted things (less is more) , re evaluate what’s on your schedule and give back by donating unwanted goods, clothes ect. Or even selling some things and making some extra pocket money. Or all of the above.

This last month or so I have donated to Lifeline several times, to a kids charity through Arias kindy and to Rosie’s friends on the street through my gym. I also have a heap of baby goods ready to donate to ‘Baby give back’ when they reopen for donations in the new year.

I hate the thought of anyone going without or struggling at anytime of the year but as Christmas approaches it is something that really bothers me. I am not someone who has a lot but being able to give anything to those in need or to someone who will get use out of it this time of year feels great. I think it’s the Mum in me but I just want to help however I can.

Some great charities:

Rosie’s friends on the street

Baby give back



I recently decided to pull Aria out of swimming lessons for a month or so over the holidays. It was causing me to much stress and I was starting to dread it each week. Purely because my wild hearted girl has gotten a little comfortable and was doing less swimming and more mischievous doings instead. A little break and reset for us all will be great. It’s not easy taking two babes to swimming. Particularly when one is a runner 🙃 it felt so good to let that go until we are ready again.

Do you have anything on your daily or weekly to do list that feels just to much ? Something that is causing stress ? Something you can say NO to for a little while ?

At the end of the day you can only do so much. Right? If you do then take a break. Give yourself some extra space coming into the new year.


I also love my daily dose of inspiration, motivation and general catch up on what your fave people are up to via social media.

There are many social media spaces to use and make your own. Some use them all and others have a selected one or two to share and connect. I choose to use Intagram and my blog as my ‘space’. To share my happiness, connect and source inspiration and motivation.

Every now and then I find I need to do a little reset to keep things aligned with my interests so I’m getting what I need for a positive and motivating addition to my day.

Here are my tips (ways that help me) keep my online space a happy one 🙂

FILL YOUR SPACE with accounts/people/brands that interest YOU and align with the type of motivation and inspiration YOU are seeking.

QUOTES & AFFIRMATIONS – something I love to see to start my day. Following a few decent accounts like this may give you the positive boost you need to start your day. This is a huge love for me.

STOP COMPARING– wether it’s a celebrity/ influencer or brand if it’s having a negative impact on your thoughts or mindset GET RID OF IT! Wether it’s related to body image, beauty, material things or just not being aligned with a certain message, if it isn’t giving you a boost then what’s the point ?

REMEMBER – even if your favourite influencers ‘LOVE’ a particular account doesn’t mean you have to too. YOU have the control and choice on what you wish to see on the daily. Make it your own 😊

Maybe your ready for a little reset too or your goals and interests have changed. Fill your space with what you love ❤️

Here is where is get my daily source of positivity / inspo :

@the_anxiety_wellness_queen – loving seeing the bright and positive quotes and messages. Amanda’s is an anxiety and wellness expert I do find this really helps manage the emotions and stress parentlife can sometimes bring. Great for the mindset!

@bybrittanynoon – my go to blog and source of daily fitness inspo, workout reminders, healthy choice reminders and real and raw motherhood.

@achievetheimpossible – quotes quotes quotes. Love getting my daily dose of inspiration.

@thegoodquote – more quotes to start th day 💗

Last but not least I love to see my friends and fave people sharing there happiness too. 💗

Who are your favourite sources of positivity and inspiration??

with love


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