Hello FRESH Review

As you guys know I am always in the kitchen trying new recipes. I really enjoy it these days. Mostly because I LOVE food and eating lol

There has been Hello Fresh all over the place on social media and although I had been tempted to try it out it wasn’t until one of my friends started sending me snaps of her creations until I became curious. She also sent me a $50 off code and then I was sold.

I figured I could use a little inspiration and might pick up some tips along the way.

I ordered 3 meals for 2 people from the family box menu with the $50 off code came to $19.95 delivered to your door. WHAT 🤩!


The only con I had on my list was that unfortunately the first meal from my first box was missing an item 🙄 not a crucial item but it was annoying nevertheless. However I rang customer care and they instantly credited me the item which was wonderful.


•All the produce was fresh

• There were lengthy use by dates on the meat.

• Only 6 steps per recipe

• I learnt some new little methods and tips

• Although we only ordered for 2 people there was enough to make a small plate for Aria too.

• Incentives and reward system to keep your costs down.

• Ability to pause or cancel anytime

• Has an easy to use app

•Most importantly the recipes were absolutely delicious and made me look like I know what I’m doing in the kitchen 😂

• The box also doubles as a great toy for the kids.

So YES the verdict is in and we really love it. I have ordered boxes for the next 2 weeks and look forward to trying some more delicious recipes 🤤

If you have been thinking about it and want to give it a go I will pop a link here where you can get $50 off your first box!

If you don’t want to follow the link the code write it down 👉🏻 JESSMCKE5

Happy Cooking!

with love


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