New business launch and skin tips from me!

Hello!! Its been  while I have been a busy been toddler and baby wrangling and working on my new beauty store and skincare label BLUSH ESSENTIALS. I thought I would jump on here and share where you can check it out HERE

We are LIVE!

June 13, 2019


Thought I would jump on and say a huge THANKYOU to my first customers. I really look forward to hearing your honest feedback. I can’t describe how exciting it was to jump on  TWO minutes after the launch to see orders in. You rock!

The store is officially open and now its a matter of getting out there and reaching everyone on the big wide world of the internet. There is endless competition and I intend to give you the very best in natural skincare, tips, information and more!

I have so many plans and new products in the pipeline. If you haven’t seen anything that tickles your fancy yet don’t worry there is plenty more on the way!

A few tips from me to achieving healthy happy skin:

* Know your skin type and what products are best suited for you. All skins are not the same. Remember that!

* Choose products without the NASTIES. Yep that includes your makeup too! Don’t sabotage a good skincare routine by putting toxic makeup on top of it duh!

* WATER WATER WATER! Its a no brainer!

* Good skincare products doesn’t mean perfect skin! Diet, hormones, rest, exercise, stress and other factors contribute to your skins health too! Listen to what its trying to tell you.

* Less is more! I know sometimes we feel that we want to try ALLLL  the products but don’t over do it! Keep it simple!

Join the Blush Essentials tribe for more great tips, recipes and insider deals and news! HERE



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